Thursday, November 20, 2008

Everyday is a new adventure....

Literally in my life! Sometimes I think that our friends and respective families think that we are like gypsies, Jamey and I, just go where life leads us. Life throws us a tricky ball and we just always seem to pick it back up and run with it. We moved a whole dreadful 2 hours away, we spent sometime travel nursing, life brought us our wonderful child....and now Jamey has thrown me for a loop so to speak. About a month ago Jamey told me that he had a desire to get back in to the military....What right??? I had the same thought. He's been out for about 9 years now, there is a war going on amongst other things. He literally got out the month that he met yours truly back in 2000. I thought that the military was a thing of our past, but he feels called to continue serving his country and wants to be a solider once again. I have made the decision to support my husbands decision to do this, and here we are in the mist of him applying to be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Nurse Corps. His paperwork is suppose to go to the commissioning committee on December, 2nd. This will mean some big changes for our family, namely that we will be moving, but it's a step that he wants to take, and I want to support him in every way that I can. I'll keep everyone posted as we know more information.....But here are some pictures of my very handsome husband back when he was in the United States Air Force.  


Becky said...

My Angie...I am so proud/excited for you both. I am sad you will be so far away. I know that we don't see each other often but you are on my mind a lot and always in my heart. This will be such an exciting adventure for you all. And how great for Lyssie. Military brats are the best kids! Just ask me I know...LOL