Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fairies and Biker Babes

Halloween is a huge deal in my mother's family. Every year my Aunt Lisa gets her rather large group of rowdy nieces and nephews together for some good old fashioned trick or treating. We have been doing this for longer than I  can remember. It's huge fun, and even more so now that I have my own little goblin to join in the fun. Last year Amanda and I subjected the girls to a little penguin fun, but this year Alyssa was a "Biker Babe" and Allison was tinkerbell. Billy always dresses up as well. I'm glad that I have such a wonderful family to share these memories with. 
My little hard core biker and I prior to trick or treating! The biker idea was her dad's idea, notice the tat on her arm? She hated the application by the way! She had a ton of fun with the trick or treating though...Candy!! She loves the stuff!
Cute huh??? I know I know! 
Biker babe, Tink and their Granny. Alyssa would not keep the skull cap on despite mom and my very best efforts!!!! I can't wait until next year!