Friday, November 14, 2008

Filling Daddy's shoes.....

Lyssie has recently become obsessed with her Daddy's shoes. She loves to put them on and try to stomp around the house in them. It's pretty adorable, but she usually ends up tripping over those big clunky shoes of his, which then leads to her laughing and restarting the entire process. I'm very grateful that I married a man that she will be able to look up to. That through the years will be a good role model for her and any other children that we will be blessed to have. It is a true joy to be able to watch as these two pieces of her heart interact together. I know that one day she will indeed get closer to filling these shoes of his, that they will no longer be quite as big or near as clunky, that she'll walk easier in these shoes that are now as big as her leg and I know that he'll always be someone that she is very proud to call her Daddy. However scary and tattooed he may be....he's still her soft hearted, most wonderful father.