Thursday, November 27, 2008

I can cook....really!

I believe that most people consider me to be a pretty good cook....granted I can't bake at all (during my childhood I burned more cookies than I didn't). But I didn't say I was a good "baker" but a good cook. Despite this belief, two years in a row I have undercooked the poultry on holidays. Last Christmas was my first attempt at making my own home cooked Christmas feast. My dad drove up and I made turkey, dressing and all the fixings, but the turkey wasn't done and we ended up only eating the fixings. I was terribly embarassed...and since dad doesn't often get to eat my cooking I'm sure that he thought I had no idea what in the world I was doing. I did redeem myself and made some pretty darn good steaks for father's day.

Fast forward one year to today...Jamey and I both had to work. (Alyssa spent Thanksgiving with her grandparents in Sweet Home Alabama) I bought some precooked sides since my time was limited and decided to cook up some cornish game hard could that be right? Well apparently pretty hard cause yet again they weren't quite done come dinner time...and to my eternal embarassment we again enjoyed sides and no poultry while the hens went back in the oven to finish up. Jamey, being the good husband that he is, just said "Thanks hun for going to all this trouble even though you had to work." I think that we are going to forgo to traditional holiday meal in the future in favor of Papa John's pizza, unless of course someone else is cooking up the poultry....sigh well at least I tried right???? I guess it could have been worse and I could have caught the house on fire while frying up my turkey (they had 2 such incidents here in Nashville today).


Becky said...

Well, you figured it out...Throw a girl some instructions on how to make a header!

Becky said...

Oh, and don't give up on the poultry. It is a little difficult to get it just right! So don't be embrassed. Just keep trying!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!