Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our bath time struggles

Once upon a time there was a darling blonde haired, blue eyed baby girl who we had to force out of the bath tub. She bathed every night and loved to stay in until her fingers and toes turned into little prunes...and then that darling girl grew up and became a toddler....

Bath time became the thing of nightmares. Overnight there was screaming and crying a skinny little baby trying to climb out of the tub. (Now at times you couldn't even get her in that bathtub. She'd enter the bathroom and the minute that the water came on she was off like a little flash pumping her little arms and legs as fast as she could in the other direction...I didn't know that someone so small could move so fast!!!!!)Jamey and I were beside ourselves. We went to bathing only every 3 days due to the trauma that bathing produced. We tried everything that you can think of, but finally my in-laws hit the method that worked....

Here's the method, which is totally ridiculous, but hey it makes bath time bearable again and we are finally back on a nightly bathing routine:
1) Take darling girl into the bathroom fully clothed
2) Turn on the water 
3) Place fully clothed darling girl into the bathtub with the water still running 
4) Hand darling girl a cup or bowl or other such object in order to catch the water
5) Make a large production of her clothes getting wet and exclaim "Oh look Alyssa, your clothes are wet! We better take those off"
6) Slowly, slowly remove clothing and diaper...slowly, slowly is the key. Make sure not to disrupt the filling and dumping of the water cup that baby girl is holding under the faucet...
7) Pray to God above that she'll not scream and try to climb out of the tub...this is the most important step in the process.
8) Lastly never ever ever try to make baby girl sit down and then wash as fast as you can!

Now the above completely ridiculous method works so don't knock it....however this "process" has driven home who rules the house and that would be our baby girl! But we are so happy that she's bathing again that we aren't complaining a bit!


Sandy said...

Wow, I had 5 kids and I never knew this, but I guess none of my children disliked bath time. That was pretty smart and very cute! Hey whatever works best! Angie, it tickles me to read how much you love being a mom. I am just so happy for you and Jamie. I kept Marky tonight and it was so fun watching him with the Christmas tree! I love being a Grandma!!!!