Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh goodness what have I done?????

That has been my constant Mantra lately. What in the world have I done??? What drugs was I taking when Jamey talked me into agreeing to this military thing??? It'll be a great adventure I suppose, but all the details are stressing me out. Our house was listed today....yes listed it's on the market. Actually it won't be officially on the market until February 20th. We have to beautify it and make some minor repairs. I think our realtor is pretty good, but I am really hoping that our house doesn't sit on the market forever. A house in our subdivision just sold and it was on the market 56 days. Hopefully ours will only spend 56 days on the market as well. 

So anyway now I need to take a deep breath and try to just relax. Hopefully I'll survive this.....if not 4 years isn't really that long is it???


Sandy said...

Love the picture of Lyssie in the opening. I am sure you are stressed with everything to do. I hope the house sales quickly for you. When do you have to be in Texas again?