Friday, January 23, 2009

Reflections on the past

We received notification that we will be stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Jamey will report 3 weeks earlier than we thought. I'm pretty sad about the thought of us being apart. I guess that got me thinking about the past, our past, our history, our relationship, our life.

Jamey and I met for the first time at a bowling alley when I was 17. He was 23. I actually don't even remember meeting him, but I do remember him wearing camo pants and a Hawaiian shirt and drinking beer with his best friend Chris. I don't think that we ever actually spoke. Jamey says that he remembers the first time he ever saw me. I had on jeans, and a white button up shirt. I was loud and country and he thought that I was beautiful and happy and everything that he wanted. He was in the Air Force. I was in high school. He went to Kuwait about a month later. I didn't even remember his name.

About a year later Jamey got out of the Air Force. I graduated from Buckhorn High School. His best friend, Chris was engaged to my good friend Julie and Chris remembered that Jamey thought that I was loud, country and beautiful. Jamey arrived back in Huntsville, AL on January 28, 2000. He was out of the Air Force I was out of high school. I was having dinner with Chris and Julie and after telling Jamey I'd be in attendance he rushed down to meet us. I didn't know he was coming until he walked in and sat down at the table. He had on a faded red shirt (which now was more like a dark pink...) a pair of jeans with holes in the knees, sneakers that he should have thrown out ages ago, at least a weeks worth of unshaven beard on his face, and a "high and tight" military hair cut. I remember thinking "Where did they find this fellow???" Jamey spoke very little (maybe three words), but I talk a lot so that made up for it. I remember him looking at me with his crystal clear blue eyes and feeling like he could see right into my soul. Somehow I felt like he saw all the things that were wrong with me, and all the things that were right. I hung around for almost an hour in the parking lot waiting for him to ask for my phone number. In case you are wondering he never did ask...he was too shy and he didn't think I was that interested. On the way home I told Chris that I thought that I would marry Jamey one day. He laughed and thought I was silly, but I was dead serious. I am not going to say it was love at first sight, but I just felt like I had met the part of me that was missing. Chris passed my number along after I pleaded with him to do so.

About a week later he called me and asked me out. My younger brother answered the phone with a "So are you the guy she has been waiting on to call all night???" Rather humiliating I must say. It took him about 20 minutes and he stuttered through the whole thing, it was rather cute. He picked me up after school and I didn't even recognize him. He'd shaved and had on decent, clean clothes....we went to the movies and I fell down the stairs. Graceful as always....but he's used to me falling down now. I do it rather often.

Fast forward 2 years or so. Jamey planned a picnic in the park. Jamey planned on making lunch, Jamey overslept. Jamey picked up lunch at Little Rosie's. Taco's I believe. I found my engagement ring in my taco. How romantic right? He shrugged and smiled and said "Well will you?" I said yes of course.

Fast forward 1 1/2 years. May 31, 2003 Jamey and I married. Jamey wrote our wedding ceremony, complete with a Unity Sword (for those of you who didn't witness this truly remarkable and weird event I am sorry because it was really beautiful, here's the link to the pictures to prove it.  ). Jamey promised to be "the father of my children, the companion of my days" and I did the same. We've been married for 6 years this May. Not everyday has been bliss, but everyday has been wonderful. On our first anniversary Jamey wrote me the following poem:

My dearest Angela
My life, my love, like a furious storm,
Fighting and clashing and thrashing about,
Love's rainbow is scarely seen by eye,
Touching heaven and earth but to afraid to fly,
The storm recedes and is gone
so too my life, my love so newly dawned
She places my soul to the depths of me
This brave new world of love yet to be.
Love Jamey

This poem is like our life, sometimes I can't believe how true it is. We have weathered storms, but there has always been a rainbow and behind that rainbow is a brave new world. That new world, and whatever adventure it may bring has always been worth weathering the storm. I hope that we will be able to enter this upcoming new phase in our life with all the love and all the hope that we have been able to bring into our marriage so far. I truly hope that our daughter will know that she has parents who love each other every bit as much as they love her. I hope one day when I am fat (well I am already fat), old and gray that my equally fat, old and bald husband will still be holding my hand and that he'll still remember the loud country girl that he met back in 1999 at a bowling alley and still feel the very same way. 


Becky said...

I love that story. I know that Lyssie will grow up feeling knowing that her parents are a sappy mess and knowing what real love is!!

Alissa said...

Awesome post! You are a natural blogger. Sorry I haven't replied to your email yet. I suck, what can I say. Your daughter is so absolutely beautiful that it makes me want to cry! Will you and Lyssie still be in your current locale in April? I'll email tomorrow. Promise or you get to shoot me!