Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Saturday in the life of an 18 month old

Alyssa and I had a pretty good day today. She is getting so much better about actually coloring, and not eating her crayons (we've had some serious issues with that in the past). She always uses such a large variety of colors on her "artwork" She likes markers much better than crayons but they tend to end up on her, me, the wall, our white cat, whatever happens to be handy! Jamey and I agree that we have an artistic genius in the making on our hands! Too bad that she likes to really focus her art on the cat and the walls....maybe she'll be one of those people that paint cats or a grafitti artist....who knows?

My Daddy and his long-time girlfriend, Eula, made a surprise appearance on our doorstep today as well. That was such a nice surprise. Alyssa treated them to a tea party. She's a wonderful hostess. My dad really enjoyed his time with his granddaughter and Lyssie enjoyed time spent with her PawPaw. She was afraid of him for the longest time for whatever reason, but she's finally gotten over that. She brought just about every toy that she has to pile in his lap while he was here. After they left she hit the crib for a much needed nappy.

After being refreshed by her nap, she and I turned our living room into a giant fort. That was a first and she LOVED it! She thought it was the greatest thing that we had ever done. She just kept running in and out and laughing hysterically. She desperately wanted Desi, our toy poodle, to join in the fun. Desi however would rather have her tail cut off than be caught dead in that fort with our little monster! Uncle BJ did take some time from watching the Titans game to play in the fort for a bit though. 

I managed to not get the laundry done, not go grocery shopping, not do any housework and be completely behind on everything that I need to have done today. Life is too short and Alyssa's growing up too fast, so being a bit behind on all that or spending some time with a flash light under a quilt and a slew of pillows with my daughter can take priority today. I'm very happy to say that the decision wasn't all that hard to make. Here's to years and years filled with Saturday's full of crayons, tea parties and forts in the living room.....


Sandy said...

Amen to that girl!! I never ever regretted a day spent with my kids rather than cleaning and other such mundane chores. Life is way tooo short and I wish I could have those days back again. It's true like that song says. I am cherishing every moment with my kids now and with my precious grandson. BTW...thanks so much for the encouragement for my diet, I needed that!