Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday madness and other events from this week.....

We all know how random my life can has been no exception. 

10:00 am the vent somehow pops off the a result the laudry room fills with steam and heats up the fire alarm over the wash room. Our fire alarm is tied in with our security system and SDS (which is one it) calls to inform me that they have dispatched the fire dept....How embarassing right? No fire just one stupid woman...I repaired the vent and no harm was done.

4:00 pm I go to pick up Desi, my bipolar toy poodle, from the groomer. I made the decision to get a treat from the bakery next door and as I walk back to my car I discover that there is a sizable dent in the driver's door of my Toyota Camry (which I JUST got out of the shop from my recently being rear ended on my way home for work). I start to get mad just as an adorable elderly woman comes over and says "Oh Dear is this your car? I think that I might have bumped it a little" I start laughing and tell her all about my being rear ended a few weeks ago and my dryer fiasco. The good news is that she did give me her info and the car will be repaired...the bad news Jamey was going to take the Camry to TX next week and leave me the larger more baby accessible Honda Element. I also can't OPEN the driver's door more than 3 inches or so which left me to resorting to climbing my rather large, robust frame in through the passenger's side's a horrible site and I feel bad for all the hysterically laughing bystanders who had to witness it....I have decided that I have a target that says "PLEASE HIT MY CAR!" In the past I have had some fender benders that were my fault, but it seems like now the favor is being returned!

In brighter news I did order a Dominos pizza and am currently feeling much better in the high fat/high caloric comfort food! The whole day has been somewhat funny and we all know that things could be much, much worse....and our house had it's first showing tonight no news yet but hopefully it will sell very soon.

In other news we have instituted "art" time each day for our artistic genius. We have mastered crayons and markers and this week we moved on to PAINT! This would be crayola's washable variety and I attest to this fact. The white shirt perhaps wasn't the best wardrobe choice, but it all washed out. Alyssa doesn't just limit her artistic ability to paper, she also paints her face, her table and our dog....She did do an awesome job and had a wonderful time painting and then helping mama clean up afterwards. I think this summer we are going to try sidewalk chalk...she does still tend to eat it so we will see how that goes!! 

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Nashville Home....FOR SALE!!

Our house is officially on the market!!! We have spent the last two weeks "staging" the house to get it ready. Sadly it looks better now than it has the whole time that we lived here. I'm hoping that it sells quickly....

I remember when Jamey and I first looked at this house. We went home and talked about raising our kids here, and made an offer about an hour later. I'm a little sad to be leaving it, but it's not the house that makes the family but the family that makes the house right???

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ahhh the joys...and the trials of sisterhood.

Mandi and I 1985. I was 4 and she was 2 here. (it is obviously the 80's look at that horrid jumpsuit that I have!)

Having a sister is like having an instant best friend. Brothers are very special too, but the bond between sister's is like no other. Amanda and I have had our share of joy, but we have also had a fair amount of trials as well. We have been having this silly do you remember when post contest on facebook which inspired this blog about my first best friend. 
Amanda and I were forced to share a room growing up (thanks mom!). I as the big sister used to regularly beat her up and boss her around. I have the more "forceful" personality I guess you would say. We had bunk beds and when we would fight (which was a lot) we used to divide the room with the bed. I used to arrange it so that I had the windows in the back of the room, and Mandi's side had the closet. This rather clever arrangement allowed me ready access to her side because I HAD to get to the closet, but she had no real reason to go on my side. Once in the middle of the night (we were probably 11 and 9) Mandi rolled off the top bunk and landed with a rather loud thump on my side smack on the hard floor. She was laying there stunned from her fall, and I rolled over and said "Get off my side" This led to a HUGE fight and despite that fact is one of our most remembered and hysterical events from our childhood! 
Mandi also used to love playing Barbie's and I didn't enjoy it quite as much. I would con her into cleaning our bedroom (which was usually a disaster area) in exchange for my agreement to play with her. Poor Mandi would spend all day cleaning our room and I'd play for 5 minutes. I was horrid.....hehehe! 
We used to talk till we fell asleep at night sharing that little room, it wasn't all me being horrid, even though I really was. Mandi was a trooper and put up with me regularly. I am firmly convinced that even though she drove me nuts and some days we fought like cats and dogs that us being forced to share that room set us up for this life long friendship. We are oddly similar and yet nothing alike at times. As we have aged we have started to look more and more alike (yet I am still a larger version!), we sound alike, we think alike, and we do whatever the other does. Mandi has a toy poodle, I have a toy poodle. Dad tells people Mandi had a baby so Angie had to have one too! 
We have managed to survive the planning of our weddings...which falls into the trials (particularlly hers...and she knows why!!!) The night before my bridal shower we weren't even speaking! No one would have known at the shower though that we had yelled and screamed at one another the night before. I managed to survive her pregnancy....she was evil towards the end. I had the nerve to ask her to schedule the induction on Thursday instead of Tuesday so that I could be there and got yelled at for half an hour! Mandi reluctantly called me back to let me know that they couldn't get her in until Thursday....and I was able to be there when my niece was born. A fact that we are both very, very glad of today. (Even though I didn't see her during much of the pregnancy because I was travel nursing and the first thing I said when I got to the hospital was "GOSH you nose is HUGE!!!!!" needless to say she was NOT amused! did get rather big though...)
Being able to raise our daughters together has been a true joy. The girls being 2 months apart making it even more fun. Watching our girls play together is a bit like watching ourselves. Alyssa seems to have picked up my more dominant personality and pushes her big cuz around, while Alli seems happy to let her. 
Mandi is the only person who I can be furious with and vow to never speak to again...only to call 10 minutes later and pretend like it never happened. This fact causes our respective spouses much confusion. One day we will drive our children mad because we come as a matched set, Mandi and I. I fully expect that our girls will get calls one day from the nurses at the nursing home because we are fighting and once again dividing our room with our beds. I'll force Mandi to wait on me and clean our room, and she'll do it because she loves me and that is the price of sisterhood. 
At Manda's wedding in 2005. 
Christmas with our darling girls.
Us taking pictures of ourselves in November.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Kel-bug is all grown up.....

Kelsey is my vibrant, lively, lovely cousin. I spent many, many hours baby-sitting this now grown girl. It's a little sad that she's all grown up, but she is. Minus myself, my mother, all her siblings and all their children still live in the Huntsville, AL area. Despite the distance I'm still very close to all of them. Kelsey holds a very special place in my heart. I have stories that horrify her when I tell her friends and boyfriends of the antics from her younger, more annoying years. 

I am extremely proud of the young woman that she has become. Kelsey is smart, funny, compassionate and beautiful. Kelsey graduates from high school in May. She is looking to a variety of colleges. but no decisions have been made as of yet. No matter where she ends up going she'll do well. Kelsey is going to do wonderful things in her life and I am so very proud of her! 

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kristina Marie Campbell is 1!!!

I absolutely can't believe how fast time is passing! Kara and I have been friends for almost 7 years now, and her baby is 1! I was there when Kristina Marie was born and I am glad that Lyssie and I could help her celebrate her first birthday! Below is the birthday girl all decked out in her finery! 
Kristina tore her cake up!! 
The proud mama and papa!
My beautiful friend Kara. 
Kara and her very talented sister-in-law Krystal made this! They did a wonderful job!!
Of course my gorgeous sister and her beautiful girl came as well!
And no party is complete without Alyssa! She had a blast playing with the other kids and playing in this ball pit! There was a bounce pit to and she liked that a lot as well!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mommy's little helper

I am so enjoying watching my little girl grown up. Somedays I am sad about it because it is happening so very fast, but everyday is a new day! Today Alyssa and I raked up the leaves in the front yard and hauled them out to our compost pile. She mainly "helped" me by tossing leaves out as I was tossing them in. She had a blast doing it and so did I. She also had a fit because I had gardening gloves and she wanted some as well. We ended up having to make do with a pair of her daddy's work gloves. They were so big it was impossible for her to pick anything up, but she was content. Our neighbors enjoyed watching her as well, and we all know that Alyssa loves an audience! 

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shame on people

I had a handyman come over yesterday to give us estimates on some minor repairs that need to be done to the house. We have 2 windows that the wood has a little weather related rot on, needed our gutters cleaned, and some pressure washing done. This crooked handyman tried to sell me on all this additional work and the estimate he gave me was $1750. Now I know I am blonde, young and female, but I am not stupid. I told him that I'd have to talk to my husband when he was trying to pressure me into letting him get started and we'd get back to him. He then tried to tell me that he smelled sewage on the side of the house and he thought we had a busted pipe, but he'd be happy to take a look and repair that as well.

Today I had another, honest handyman that my realtor referred and he is going to do the needed repairs for $350. My realtor called him and asked him to work us in after my terrible experience with the other idiot. Honest Handyman looked into the "sewage" problem and guess what?? There isn't one. That is what I suspected, but it was good to have it confirmed. Rick the honest handyman was pretty annoyed that the other guy would try to take advantage of me. He told me that happens a lot and he gave me some pointers on how to determine if I am being taken advantage of in the future. Sadly he said that people see young females or elderly people as targets. 

I'm pretty annoyed at myself cause I should have sent the guy on his way the minute he put the quote in my hand. I think I'm too nice by far and I'm going to have to outgrow that. Jamey's in the service now, he'll probably be gone more than I'd like and while he's gone cars will breakdown, repairs will be done and I'll have to do it minus the protective cover of my heavily tattooed husband to do the negotiations for me. I've never had to buy a car by myself. My dad, Jamey or his dad have always done the negotiating for me. I've never had to have car repairs done by myself either for that matter. Being a girl sucks sometimes.......

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Married to a "Collector"

Jamey and I are complete opposites in most every way. The only difference that we really fight about: His pack rat gene. Yes I am married to a "collector." He collects everything. You think of it, he probably collected it at some point in his life. While I love everything about him, I do not love this. I am loving it even less as we are no about to embark on a lifestyle that requires frequent moves. I'm pretty good at "losing" some of his stuff and he rarely notices, even though he claims that he knows where all his stuff is and what it is. 

Here are a few examples of things that I tried to get rid of today, and his responses.
1. His Mickey Mouse boxer shorts that you can see through in a completely non sexy way. (They have to be greater than 10 years old)
His Response: They are preventilated.
What does that even mean????? I mean why wear preventilated underwear???
2. Several t-shirts that have various heavy metal band/comic book character logos all have holes in them.
His Response: You can't buy those anymore....they are CLASSICS.
Classics?? REALLY???
3. A box of rocks.
His response: I found all of those when I was a kid.....
We have a rather nice bowl full of rocks that he found in the creek when he was a child. His mom saved all of them and it makes a lovely display on our dining room table. Nix the box many rocks does one person need to carry around?????
4. The massive amount of comic books that we have strewn in every possible storage place all over our house.
His response: You never know what might be worth money one day.
REALLY??? My toenail clippings MIGHT be worth money one day but do I save all of those???

This blog could go on and on. Despite my extreme irritation with said love of my life some of his responses were truly hysterical and I had a really hard time not laughing. We did almost come to blows over a plasma lamp that he bought at wal-mart 6 years ago and has to my knowledge turned on one time though. He really needs that lamp apparently......