Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ahhh the joys...and the trials of sisterhood.

Mandi and I 1985. I was 4 and she was 2 here. (it is obviously the 80's look at that horrid jumpsuit that I have!)

Having a sister is like having an instant best friend. Brothers are very special too, but the bond between sister's is like no other. Amanda and I have had our share of joy, but we have also had a fair amount of trials as well. We have been having this silly do you remember when post contest on facebook which inspired this blog about my first best friend. 
Amanda and I were forced to share a room growing up (thanks mom!). I as the big sister used to regularly beat her up and boss her around. I have the more "forceful" personality I guess you would say. We had bunk beds and when we would fight (which was a lot) we used to divide the room with the bed. I used to arrange it so that I had the windows in the back of the room, and Mandi's side had the closet. This rather clever arrangement allowed me ready access to her side because I HAD to get to the closet, but she had no real reason to go on my side. Once in the middle of the night (we were probably 11 and 9) Mandi rolled off the top bunk and landed with a rather loud thump on my side smack on the hard floor. She was laying there stunned from her fall, and I rolled over and said "Get off my side" This led to a HUGE fight and despite that fact is one of our most remembered and hysterical events from our childhood! 
Mandi also used to love playing Barbie's and I didn't enjoy it quite as much. I would con her into cleaning our bedroom (which was usually a disaster area) in exchange for my agreement to play with her. Poor Mandi would spend all day cleaning our room and I'd play for 5 minutes. I was horrid.....hehehe! 
We used to talk till we fell asleep at night sharing that little room, it wasn't all me being horrid, even though I really was. Mandi was a trooper and put up with me regularly. I am firmly convinced that even though she drove me nuts and some days we fought like cats and dogs that us being forced to share that room set us up for this life long friendship. We are oddly similar and yet nothing alike at times. As we have aged we have started to look more and more alike (yet I am still a larger version!), we sound alike, we think alike, and we do whatever the other does. Mandi has a toy poodle, I have a toy poodle. Dad tells people Mandi had a baby so Angie had to have one too! 
We have managed to survive the planning of our weddings...which falls into the trials (particularlly hers...and she knows why!!!) The night before my bridal shower we weren't even speaking! No one would have known at the shower though that we had yelled and screamed at one another the night before. I managed to survive her pregnancy....she was evil towards the end. I had the nerve to ask her to schedule the induction on Thursday instead of Tuesday so that I could be there and got yelled at for half an hour! Mandi reluctantly called me back to let me know that they couldn't get her in until Thursday....and I was able to be there when my niece was born. A fact that we are both very, very glad of today. (Even though I didn't see her during much of the pregnancy because I was travel nursing and the first thing I said when I got to the hospital was "GOSH you nose is HUGE!!!!!" needless to say she was NOT amused! did get rather big though...)
Being able to raise our daughters together has been a true joy. The girls being 2 months apart making it even more fun. Watching our girls play together is a bit like watching ourselves. Alyssa seems to have picked up my more dominant personality and pushes her big cuz around, while Alli seems happy to let her. 
Mandi is the only person who I can be furious with and vow to never speak to again...only to call 10 minutes later and pretend like it never happened. This fact causes our respective spouses much confusion. One day we will drive our children mad because we come as a matched set, Mandi and I. I fully expect that our girls will get calls one day from the nurses at the nursing home because we are fighting and once again dividing our room with our beds. I'll force Mandi to wait on me and clean our room, and she'll do it because she loves me and that is the price of sisterhood. 
At Manda's wedding in 2005. 
Christmas with our darling girls.
Us taking pictures of ourselves in November.