Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Married to a "Collector"

Jamey and I are complete opposites in most every way. The only difference that we really fight about: His pack rat gene. Yes I am married to a "collector." He collects everything. You think of it, he probably collected it at some point in his life. While I love everything about him, I do not love this. I am loving it even less as we are no about to embark on a lifestyle that requires frequent moves. I'm pretty good at "losing" some of his stuff and he rarely notices, even though he claims that he knows where all his stuff is and what it is. 

Here are a few examples of things that I tried to get rid of today, and his responses.
1. His Mickey Mouse boxer shorts that you can see through in a completely non sexy way. (They have to be greater than 10 years old)
His Response: They are preventilated.
What does that even mean????? I mean why wear preventilated underwear???
2. Several t-shirts that have various heavy metal band/comic book character logos all have holes in them.
His Response: You can't buy those anymore....they are CLASSICS.
Classics?? REALLY???
3. A box of rocks.
His response: I found all of those when I was a kid.....
We have a rather nice bowl full of rocks that he found in the creek when he was a child. His mom saved all of them and it makes a lovely display on our dining room table. Nix the box many rocks does one person need to carry around?????
4. The massive amount of comic books that we have strewn in every possible storage place all over our house.
His response: You never know what might be worth money one day.
REALLY??? My toenail clippings MIGHT be worth money one day but do I save all of those???

This blog could go on and on. Despite my extreme irritation with said love of my life some of his responses were truly hysterical and I had a really hard time not laughing. We did almost come to blows over a plasma lamp that he bought at wal-mart 6 years ago and has to my knowledge turned on one time though. He really needs that lamp apparently......


Sandy said...

LOL!!! LOL~~haha haheee