Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday madness and other events from this week.....

We all know how random my life can has been no exception. 

10:00 am the vent somehow pops off the a result the laudry room fills with steam and heats up the fire alarm over the wash room. Our fire alarm is tied in with our security system and SDS (which is one it) calls to inform me that they have dispatched the fire dept....How embarassing right? No fire just one stupid woman...I repaired the vent and no harm was done.

4:00 pm I go to pick up Desi, my bipolar toy poodle, from the groomer. I made the decision to get a treat from the bakery next door and as I walk back to my car I discover that there is a sizable dent in the driver's door of my Toyota Camry (which I JUST got out of the shop from my recently being rear ended on my way home for work). I start to get mad just as an adorable elderly woman comes over and says "Oh Dear is this your car? I think that I might have bumped it a little" I start laughing and tell her all about my being rear ended a few weeks ago and my dryer fiasco. The good news is that she did give me her info and the car will be repaired...the bad news Jamey was going to take the Camry to TX next week and leave me the larger more baby accessible Honda Element. I also can't OPEN the driver's door more than 3 inches or so which left me to resorting to climbing my rather large, robust frame in through the passenger's side's a horrible site and I feel bad for all the hysterically laughing bystanders who had to witness it....I have decided that I have a target that says "PLEASE HIT MY CAR!" In the past I have had some fender benders that were my fault, but it seems like now the favor is being returned!

In brighter news I did order a Dominos pizza and am currently feeling much better in the high fat/high caloric comfort food! The whole day has been somewhat funny and we all know that things could be much, much worse....and our house had it's first showing tonight no news yet but hopefully it will sell very soon.

In other news we have instituted "art" time each day for our artistic genius. We have mastered crayons and markers and this week we moved on to PAINT! This would be crayola's washable variety and I attest to this fact. The white shirt perhaps wasn't the best wardrobe choice, but it all washed out. Alyssa doesn't just limit her artistic ability to paper, she also paints her face, her table and our dog....She did do an awesome job and had a wonderful time painting and then helping mama clean up afterwards. I think this summer we are going to try sidewalk chalk...she does still tend to eat it so we will see how that goes!! 


DebW said...

What was up with my darlings hair?

Sandy said...

Such an artistic child!!! Very creative!! Like her moma! I love the pics, cute pie!

Jennifer said...

I can sympathize with the multiple attacks on your car, I think my jeep has a hidden "HIT ME!!" sign on it that only other drivers can see.

The art time looks like fun! Cute pics!