Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San Antonio Rose and her PawPaw

Alyssa is really lucky to have a whole slew of adoring grandparents. Her PawPaw Jack is probably her biggest fan. He's nicknamed her a number of things the newest being "San Antonio Rose." Alyssa loves her PawPaw a bunch, he's happy to carry her everywhere she wants to go. She can even "steer" him by pushing on one side of his chest or the other to let him know which way she wants him to go. She doesn't even have to point! (She basically has him wrapped around all of her fingers not just her little one!) I took these pictures Saturday while we were at their house and I just thought they were too precious not to post them. That's one happy old man and one equally happy and adored "San Antonio Rose."

Fun with Clarissa and Mark!

We had the pleasure of having a visit from Clarissa and Marky Monday and Tuesday. We had such a good time. Alyssa loved playing with Marky, even though he did have to tolerate some of her exuberant loving! Poor Mark wasn't quite sure what to do! He's unused to be being tackled by a 20 lb bundle of energy and having the stuffing kissed out of him! 
Aww sweet loving! 
We took the kids to the Nashville Zoo and it was a blast! Both babies loved the trip and looking at all the animals! They especially liked the MeerKat exhibit. Here are some pictures from our fabulous trip! We are so glad that Mark and Clarissa could come visit us! We had so much fun!
Alyssa really liked the goat's at the petting zoo, but she kept calling them "doggie's" Everytime I corrected her she said "No Doggie!"

Marky got to walk around in the bamboo. He loved it! He didn't mind falling down in and playing in the mud either!!!
Aren't these the most adorable children that you have ever seen??? 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Shyanne turns 5!!

We were lucky enough to be able to fly into Huntsville to help celebrate Alyssa's big sis' 5th Birthday! I can't believe that she is 5 already! The party was at Pump it Up, which has all these huge inflatable slides, bounces houses and obstacle courses. We had a ton of fun, and were really glad that we got to go help her celebrate this special day. She had so many friends and family that we able to come. Shyanne was super sweet and despite the gaggle of cool girls that were following her around, she still had time to help her little sister down the slide a couple of times. Here are some pictures from the party. (I'm so disappointed that I couldn't get Lyssie to look at me in the above picture, but it is still a great picture of Shyanne!!!) We have been so blessed to continue to have Grandma Sue and Shyanne remain a part of our lives.
Shyanne and her super cool Ariel the little Mermaid cake (made out of cupcakes! I haven't seen that before but what a super idea!!!) Isn't Shyanne a cutie??? 
Here is Alyssa going down this mammoth slide! Wait until you see the last one before you freak out...these are a little scary! These are in order! Especially to the overprotective mama (ME!!!) who was hovering anxiously at the bottom of the slide! My tough cookie didn't care a bit that she tumbled down the slide! She had a blast and was fast asleep in the car long before we even got out of the parking lot!!! 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Somebody misses her Daddy....

And I miss her Daddy too! Alyssa and I have been saying and kissing Daddy goodnight every night before bed. We talk about where Daddy is and what Daddy is doing. She knows Daddy is "work." She likes to read her book "Daddy and I" before bed and brings it to me pretty regularly, it's even winning over "Good night Moon" here lately. Today she ran across a rather unflattering picture of her dear Daddy (it's a picture from the beach last year, Daddy has his shirt off and a really big stupid looking straw hat, and sun glasses) today while we were cleaning up and it is now official property of The Rose. She crumpled it up and shoved it in the basket on her bike and took it with us around the neighborhood; she has kissed it so many times that there it is now encrusted in lots of drool, some snot (runny nose!), a little vanilla wafer, and I'm pretty sure that I don't want to know what else; she spent several minutes explaining to Desi and a rather uninterested Gwen (our fat lazy cat) that that was "Daddy" in the picture; and lastly insisted that Daddy go to bed with her, pig (her stuffed pig) and Bankie (her blanket) tonight. Of course I let her. She feel asleep with "Daddy" tucked securely under one arm and Pig under the other. Pretty soon we will all be together again though, and she's going to be super excited when that day comes! For now we will just be super proud of the very wonderful thing that that most wonderful man in our life is doing, and we will send him lots and lots of long distance hugs and kisses!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

Jamey starts Officers Basic Training tomorrow morning at 0800 sharp. He will do an awesome job I just know it! What an exciting new day for him! 

Saturday, March 21, 2009

She has got the idea!

We are potty training! We are actually going pee pee in the potty at least once as day as well! I am so proud of Alyssa. She's doing a wonderful job. Tonight she spent a while playing with her Elmo doll, she would put a diaper on him, take the diaper off, put the diaper on him, take the diaper off (you get the idea!) I started telling her "That is very good Alyssa, Elmo is a baby and he goes pee pee in his diaper! When Elmo is a Big Boy, he won't use his diaper anymore and he will put his pee pee in the potty right?" Her response was to look up with wide little eyes say "YEAH!! YEAH!!!" she then proceeded to rip off Elmo's diaper and run with him yelling "POTTY!! POTTY!! POTTY!!" She took Elmo to the potty, put him on the potty, handed him a book (she always gets a book to read on the potty) and then sat where I always sit on the floor in front of her, and said "ELMO PEE PEE!!!" Then after a few moments exclaimed "BIG GIRL! BIG GIRL! YEAH!!! POTTY!!!!" She then danced around and then grabbed Elmo up and covered him in kisses. (That is exactly what I DO when she uses the potty!!!) I think that the fact that she is now potty training her toys is pretty hysterical. 

She is doing a remarkable job! I'm really proud of her. The one major drawback of potty training....she now knows how to take her clothes off and she's "NEKED" quite a lot lately....sigh! But when I get on to her for pulling her pants off she always runs toward the potty yelling "Potty Mommy!" She is so smart..... 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday fun!

The weather is getting so nice and we are sooooo happy about that! My father-in-law, Jack, came up today to watch Alyssa while I went to the dentist and to help me do some little things like cut my grass. If I haven't said it before, I have been blessed with the world's best in-laws. I couldn't have asked for better ones, and even if I did I don't think any better ones exist. Mine are great. Alyssa had a blast playing with her PawPaw, and he enjoyed all the big hugs and slobbery kisses that she hands out. 
We played outside all afternoon and here are some pictures. We got started getting our raised beds ready because tomorrow we are going to plant our lettuce and spinach. It's about that time! Lyssie is such a wonderful helper now. She does however know the difference between her little shovel and mama's shovel and she likes mama's better. She dug around in the beds and helped me pull weeds. I just know that my little helper is going to come so in handy! She did get rewarded by lots of time swinging, rolling around in the grass and time on the slide! Oh how glad I am for gorgeous Spring weather!!! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

San Antonio Riverwalk pictures

Here are some of the pictures that I took while I was out in San Antonio. These were taken on the Riverwalk, which is gorgeous. I didn't take that many pictures while I was out there, not sure why. I am thinking about starting a "Photo of the day" blog. I think it would be good for me creatively.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


So I am going to be blogging some snapshots here and there for Jamey's benefit. He doesn't want to miss out on the happenings of our baby girl AKA "The Rose" while he is away. 
Alyssa is rather happy to and good at brushing her pearly whites. Morning and night she's thrilled to run in and brush her teeth. (I'm 100% positive that she will at some point not be so happy to do this, but hey for now it makes my life easier). I suspect that it has more to do with the fabulous strawberry flavored toothpaste than anything else! She does a great job though, she got lessons from her fav, ELMO, who has a little segment on how to brush your teeth on one of her videos. 
We got this horsey from my coworkers at my going away party. She's been galloping all over the house for days. (She also turns it over and chews on the other end but that is neither here nor there!) She likes for me to gallop around on him as well, while holding her on my hip. The things we do for our kids right??? Sadly I've spent more time on Old Silver than I'd like to admit the last few days.
Jamey bought these adorable boots for Alyssa and she wears them constantly. LOVES them. She wears them with her pajamas as well if they are handy. She's also sporting her pacifier in this photo. We are in the final stages of de-passying our lives. We also started potty training and Lyssie has pee peed in the potty 2 times now. It's extremely exciting! She gets 2 M&M's everytime she tries to go potty, which ensures that she "tries" a lot. She did have to take her passy out to tell me "Big Girl Pee Pee!!!!" which was my cue to perhaps think about getting rid of the bink bink....I'm sort of tired of hunting for one all the time as well!!

Pray for the Billings Family

Please keep the Billings family in your prayers. My brother-in-laws father and brother were in a very bad car accident in Shelbyville, TN tonight. His father suffered a minor head injury and 3 broken ribs. He's being kept overnight due to a blood pressure issue as well. Brad's older brother, John was killed in the accident. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay so now what do I do???

So tomorrow begins the first day of my new job....yes yes my new job as a Stay-at-home mommy to a rather active 20 month old. Now what in the world do I do all day?? LOL! I'm pretty nervous that I am going to be terrible at this! Any suggestions on how to successfully be a stay at home mama would be great. Seriously email me something! I'm SCARED that I may murder Elmo before long (just to clue you in, Alyssa has developed a rather obsessive relationship with you know who. She'd watch him 24-7 if we would let her. She also sleeps with him, carries him everywhere and talks about him nonstop. Why Elmo??? It could be Barney so I need to count my blessings right??) I read this stuff about having a actually "schedule" what did you do? Does that work or is that just stupid???

In news other than my new stay at home mama anxieties, San Antonio was really awesome. It's a beautiful city and I think that we will enjoy living there. There is so much to do and so many neat little cities surrounding San Antonio to visit. We can't wait to take Alyssa to Sea World, she's going to love it! We have sorta pinpointed the area that we want to live in, which was a big feat because it's a big city! I found a few good mother's day out programs that I am going to look into more once we get settled out there. Jamey is actually going to tour 2 next week (he doesn't start work until March 23rd so he's pretty much in need of something to do till then!) and put us on the list if he finds them to be up to his standards (which are actually higher than my own believe that or not!). We are thinking about taking Spanish classes as a family once we get settled as well. I think that would be great for Alyssa, and Jamey and I as well. Speaking Spanish will help Jamey and I as nurses as well. We found some places that offer those classes.

Jamey and I got some quality date time while I was there as well. We went to this GREAT steakhouse in Helotes, TX called Grey Moss Inn. If you ever get the chance this is the place to eat! A coworker of mine insisted that we eat there and it was well worth the drive out there and the dinner. There is a large outdoor area to eat and these huge beautiful oak trees overshadow the patio. The inside is what I call "country chic" and it is so homey and cute. Food was excellent, super romantic setting and what a wonderful date! We also did the Riverwalk and saw the Alamo and all that. I didn't take a ton of pictures but I promise that I will post a few of the Riverwalk soon. 

I miss my handsome, super wonderful hubby a lot though. Alyssa talked to him on the phone this afternoon and kissed the phone. It was super cute. We are going to let her talk to Daddy on the computer later tonight. She should like that, as of now she thinks that Elmo lives in the computer because we let her look at clips and play games on so if Elmo and Daddy live in the computer that should ensure that she won't ever get off it again! Gotta love technology though....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The little things that change your perspective.....

So today Jamey and I went to Brooke Army Medical Hospital, where he will be working starting tomorrow.(wow) It was such a life changing experience in the few minutes that we were wandering around there. (I swiped these pics off the internet) Walking through the hospital you noticed the wounded young men and women that are patients there, it's truly a humbling experience. I am older than most of these brave soldiers. I've worked in  a hospital for 6 years now, worked in ICU's and taken care of lots of patients, but never have I been touched as I was today. Part of you wants to walk up to every solider there and say "Thank you so much for your service." There were missing limbs, burns and a wide variety of injuries seen. The hospital grounds is so beautiful with lots of gorgeous walk ways and paths surrounding it. There was housing available for the families of the wounded. It was just such a humbling experience, today I was brought face to face with what it truly means to keep our country free. The sacrifices that these proud soldiers are making for their country is at times overwhelming. 

Today I truly understood what prompted my husband to decide to offer his skills as a nurse to the United States Army. Walking through those halls and looking into all those young faces really opened my eyes to the sacrifices made by so many for our freedom, and it opened my eyes to what a selfless thing my husband has decided to do with his own career. The following statement is a portion of Jamey's motivational statement that he submitted when he applied for his commission as an Officer, for the first time I truly understand what he meant.

"I believe that people should serve their country in the most productive way possible, and I believe that I can best serve my country by providing the knowledge and the comfort that I can give as a Registered Nurse in the United States Army. I would be very proud to once again serve my country. I realize that I am not joining the military by myself, but bring with me my wife of 5 1/2 years, Angela, and our 16 month old daughter, Alyssa. I have a great desire to provide for my daughter what my parents were able to provide for me, a love of one's country and a sense of duty and honor that being a nurse in the United States Army Nurse Corps will provide."
I am extremely proud of my husband, and I am extremely proud to say that I am an "Army wife."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our "See Ya" party

Jamey's folks had a little party at their house so that we could say "See Ya later" to our wonderful friends in Huntsville, AL. I don't say goodbye because the folks that showed up tonight are people who have been in our lives for years and years. No matter where we go or what we do these fabulous people aren't going anywhere. It's always sad to say "see ya later" and really it's just started to sink in that we are really moving. I refuse to be sad about it though because with each move we have made, our lives have been enriched by the friendships and experiences that we have had along the way. Life is a journey.

Dan Hogan has been friends with my family since I we were 4 years old. My brother Billy's very best friend and a very good friend of Jamey and I. Dan was my first "boyfriend" a fact that humiliates both of us, but that doesn't really count since we were 4 years old...and we decided that our mother's made it up anyway...
Just because they are cute I pictures of Lyssie in her cowgirl boots and my beautiful niece Allison.
Jamey has a great circle of friends. Here are all of our beautiful children. It's amazing how our gang has grown. Brennon and Bella are Jeff and Marie's children, Kayla and Hannah are Brian and Benita's, Emmalee (our newest addition) is Chris and Jenn's.
I was so very glad that despite car trouble Clarissa, Matt and Marky were able to come for a visit. Poor Marky had to tolerate a makeover by Alyssa. She did apply her fake makeup and he wasn't a bit interested!!! She then tackled him in loving hugs....poor boy! LOL!
Kara and I have been friends since Nursing school. She is so dear to me and I am so very glad that she came out as well.
"The Guys" Chris, Jeff, Jamey and Brian. These 4 fellows have been friends since they were in grade school literally. They all joined the air force together back in 1995. 
And here are their fabulous wives! Marie, myself, Benita and Jennifer. I'm very lucky to actually be friends with my husbands friends wives. 

We had a bunch of other visitors to our party as well and we are so very glad that everyone came to help wish us good luck in this new adventure in our lives, unfortunately I didn't get my camera out like I should have...sigh. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Goodbye Tennessee Party!

I have been so very fortunate to work with some outstanding people at Vanderbilt in the Radiology department. I am going to miss them terribly! Kelly and her husband Bob opened up their home and threw Jamey and I a "Goodbye Tennessee Party" Saturday night. Here's some pictures from the event. Everyone dressed like "Texans" so Jamey and I could get used to Texas before we got there. 
My Vanderbilt Nursing shirt from Collin, Marianne and Barb so that I can remember my time as a nurse there. We also got some fabulous books on Texas and San Antonio, a wonderful "Music City" Print to have framed and hang in our kitchen and some other misc Nashville memorabilia. They got Alyssa a wooden house on a stick as well (which she's been riding all over the house in her cowgirl boots!!)
Jamey sporting my cowgirl hat. 

Me acting totally silly singing "Sweet Home Alabama" on Rock Band.
Marianne, Deanne, Kerri and Deb. 
All the Vanderbilt attendees. I am so lucky to have been able to spend a year and a half working with these fabulous people.