Monday, March 2, 2009

Our "See Ya" party

Jamey's folks had a little party at their house so that we could say "See Ya later" to our wonderful friends in Huntsville, AL. I don't say goodbye because the folks that showed up tonight are people who have been in our lives for years and years. No matter where we go or what we do these fabulous people aren't going anywhere. It's always sad to say "see ya later" and really it's just started to sink in that we are really moving. I refuse to be sad about it though because with each move we have made, our lives have been enriched by the friendships and experiences that we have had along the way. Life is a journey.

Dan Hogan has been friends with my family since I we were 4 years old. My brother Billy's very best friend and a very good friend of Jamey and I. Dan was my first "boyfriend" a fact that humiliates both of us, but that doesn't really count since we were 4 years old...and we decided that our mother's made it up anyway...
Just because they are cute I pictures of Lyssie in her cowgirl boots and my beautiful niece Allison.
Jamey has a great circle of friends. Here are all of our beautiful children. It's amazing how our gang has grown. Brennon and Bella are Jeff and Marie's children, Kayla and Hannah are Brian and Benita's, Emmalee (our newest addition) is Chris and Jenn's.
I was so very glad that despite car trouble Clarissa, Matt and Marky were able to come for a visit. Poor Marky had to tolerate a makeover by Alyssa. She did apply her fake makeup and he wasn't a bit interested!!! She then tackled him in loving hugs....poor boy! LOL!
Kara and I have been friends since Nursing school. She is so dear to me and I am so very glad that she came out as well.
"The Guys" Chris, Jeff, Jamey and Brian. These 4 fellows have been friends since they were in grade school literally. They all joined the air force together back in 1995. 
And here are their fabulous wives! Marie, myself, Benita and Jennifer. I'm very lucky to actually be friends with my husbands friends wives. 

We had a bunch of other visitors to our party as well and we are so very glad that everyone came to help wish us good luck in this new adventure in our lives, unfortunately I didn't get my camera out like I should have...sigh.