Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay so now what do I do???

So tomorrow begins the first day of my new job....yes yes my new job as a Stay-at-home mommy to a rather active 20 month old. Now what in the world do I do all day?? LOL! I'm pretty nervous that I am going to be terrible at this! Any suggestions on how to successfully be a stay at home mama would be great. Seriously email me something! I'm SCARED that I may murder Elmo before long (just to clue you in, Alyssa has developed a rather obsessive relationship with you know who. She'd watch him 24-7 if we would let her. She also sleeps with him, carries him everywhere and talks about him nonstop. Why Elmo??? It could be Barney so I need to count my blessings right??) I read this stuff about having a actually "schedule" what did you do? Does that work or is that just stupid???

In news other than my new stay at home mama anxieties, San Antonio was really awesome. It's a beautiful city and I think that we will enjoy living there. There is so much to do and so many neat little cities surrounding San Antonio to visit. We can't wait to take Alyssa to Sea World, she's going to love it! We have sorta pinpointed the area that we want to live in, which was a big feat because it's a big city! I found a few good mother's day out programs that I am going to look into more once we get settled out there. Jamey is actually going to tour 2 next week (he doesn't start work until March 23rd so he's pretty much in need of something to do till then!) and put us on the list if he finds them to be up to his standards (which are actually higher than my own believe that or not!). We are thinking about taking Spanish classes as a family once we get settled as well. I think that would be great for Alyssa, and Jamey and I as well. Speaking Spanish will help Jamey and I as nurses as well. We found some places that offer those classes.

Jamey and I got some quality date time while I was there as well. We went to this GREAT steakhouse in Helotes, TX called Grey Moss Inn. If you ever get the chance this is the place to eat! A coworker of mine insisted that we eat there and it was well worth the drive out there and the dinner. There is a large outdoor area to eat and these huge beautiful oak trees overshadow the patio. The inside is what I call "country chic" and it is so homey and cute. Food was excellent, super romantic setting and what a wonderful date! We also did the Riverwalk and saw the Alamo and all that. I didn't take a ton of pictures but I promise that I will post a few of the Riverwalk soon. 

I miss my handsome, super wonderful hubby a lot though. Alyssa talked to him on the phone this afternoon and kissed the phone. It was super cute. We are going to let her talk to Daddy on the computer later tonight. She should like that, as of now she thinks that Elmo lives in the computer because we let her look at clips and play games on so if Elmo and Daddy live in the computer that should ensure that she won't ever get off it again! Gotta love technology though....


Sandy said...

I have every confidence in the world in you that you are going to make a fantastic, wonderful, lovable and creative stay at home Mommy!! This really is the most wonderful time and it goes by really quickly so have fun!! You'll be just fine.

Clarissa and Matt said...

Welcome to my world as a SAHM! : ) Call you this weekend! Love you!