Monday, March 30, 2009

Shyanne turns 5!!

We were lucky enough to be able to fly into Huntsville to help celebrate Alyssa's big sis' 5th Birthday! I can't believe that she is 5 already! The party was at Pump it Up, which has all these huge inflatable slides, bounces houses and obstacle courses. We had a ton of fun, and were really glad that we got to go help her celebrate this special day. She had so many friends and family that we able to come. Shyanne was super sweet and despite the gaggle of cool girls that were following her around, she still had time to help her little sister down the slide a couple of times. Here are some pictures from the party. (I'm so disappointed that I couldn't get Lyssie to look at me in the above picture, but it is still a great picture of Shyanne!!!) We have been so blessed to continue to have Grandma Sue and Shyanne remain a part of our lives.
Shyanne and her super cool Ariel the little Mermaid cake (made out of cupcakes! I haven't seen that before but what a super idea!!!) Isn't Shyanne a cutie??? 
Here is Alyssa going down this mammoth slide! Wait until you see the last one before you freak out...these are a little scary! These are in order! Especially to the overprotective mama (ME!!!) who was hovering anxiously at the bottom of the slide! My tough cookie didn't care a bit that she tumbled down the slide! She had a blast and was fast asleep in the car long before we even got out of the parking lot!!! 


DebW said...

They are two beautiful little girls!