Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun with Uncle BJ

We have been very blessed that Alyssa has the world's greatest uncle. My big brother Billy is a wonderful brother and he's a fabulous uncle. He stayed with us for a while after he returned from Iraq and after Alyssa was born. He's always been happy to babysit for us, and he is Alyssa's favorite fellow (besides her Daddy of course). BJ is always teaching Alyssa funny things and even taught her to "eat like a monster," which is hysterical by the way. BJ came up yesterday and today to get the rest of his things and Alyssa was super excited to see her BJ. He threw Alyssa around on my bed for while right before bath time. A good time to be had by all as you can see from both of their faces! We are going to miss living with Uncle BJ a whole bunch. Mommy and Daddy aren't near as funny! 
This is the face of a very happy girl!
Alyssa also got this Barbie ATV from a friend of my mother-in-laws. You know I never pass by free toys/clothes ect! She loves her ride a whole lot! She got to play on it a while today and she's so tiny on this huge thing but she has a lot of fun. She doesn't know how to turn but she counts on me to tag along after her and steer it in the right direction.

And finally kisses for Mama. She's really into giving love right now (which I love!) and she is always kissing everything...she tried to kiss a bumble bee today which I assured her wasn't a good idea! 
In other news we are moving Monday! The movers are coming and we'll be out of Nashville by Wednesday. Alyssa and I will be heading to San Antonio soon there after. Kinda fast I know, but in my opinion it's long overdue!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Initiation and random ramblings

This week has been interesting. I've learned a lot about myself, I'm also pretty proud of myself. I was initiated into the life of the Army....long lines and all! I managed to (crosses fingers) line everything up for our very first PCS (permanent change of station military term they love Acronyms....) move. I rented a house by myself and managed to make lots of decisions minus my adoring and rather handsome husband (who mainly lets me do what I want anyway but who I like to get confirmation from). I did however spend a large amount of time waiting in long military style lines....I was however assured that the transportation office at Fort Sam Houston isn't the most swift on the block and it'll be easier next time by all the wonderful people that I had to talk to with during my long and painful waits. The military just went to a new online system for has lots of kinks they are still working out so I got to experience transportation 2 days in a wasn't anymore fun the second time around! I now know that a power of attorney is the most marvelous thing since sliced bread. I also discovered that I can buy most anything, get my hair and my toenails done, get a massage, take a knitting class, garden and to can food on post (not that I had time to do any of these things, but in due time in due time!) April 27th is our "move" day. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Jamey's been telling folks I'm wonderful, but we all already knew that.

Our new landlord is great and he hooked me up at the local utility company by calling his church friend and having her take extra special care of me. Hugs to him for that cause it speeded things up a lot. Jamey and I met a couple of our new neighbors who are really nice, seems we are surrounded by military families and they are happy to welcome us to the fold. I met a fellow Army wife on-line and I have had dinner with her both times I have been out to San Antonio and Bambi and her husband Jeremy hooked a very happy Jamey up with a TV until our stuff arrives. Our landlord (who is retired military) even offered to bring over pots, pans, dishes, linens ect. Everyone seems to understand what living is like until your household goods arrive.  

I got to retrieve my handsome yet very smelly husband from his week in the field (and week with no shower) Friday night. I was happy to see him but perhaps less so to smell him...I was even happier to deposit him the shower (love ya babe but ya did smell...). He goes back into the field for additional field training this week and next and then he graduates! I'm so proud of him. He is a remarkable man and I'm very glad that he's ours. Even covered in dirt the site of him in that military uniform causes my chest to swell with the knowledge and the pride that he's doing such a wonderful thing for his country. (I promise to get some pictures of him in uniform soon!)

I then flew out this morning, my flight was delayed and then my connection to Huntsville CANCELLED...I have bad luck in the world of flight right now I tell you. I ended up getting flown into Cincinatti, OH and then eventually did make it here to Huntsville, AL several hours after I was originally suppose to. 

The best part of being home.....the flying toddler that just about knocked me down when I walked in the door, screaming MAMA so loud the neighbors heard her. I'm hoping this is the very last time that I have to leave baby girl for any period of time. I sure missed that darling child of mine....I sure did. 2 weeks from now we will all be home....home is wherever we are all together. Be that TN, TX or Korea....well let us hope not Korea.

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Adobe

So today I found the house that we are going to lease for a bit. It's actually in Universal City, TX but it's right on the border of San Antonio and about 15 minutes from Brooke Army Medical Center where Jamey will be working. It has a nice yard for Alyssa to play in and a really nice neighborhood. I submitted the application today and we should know tomorrow if we are approved. I like it, well other than the horrible floral wallpaper in the kitchen (we all know that I despise anything and everything floral unless it grows in the ground), but I'm going to ask the landlord if we can strip the outdated wallpaper and update that a little. The realtor doesn't seem to think that it will be a problem. Here's to hoping that our house in Nashville will sell soon....The first week in May we will all be living together as a family again. That will be a fabulous time indeed!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh Crappy 2009 Continued....

I boarded my flight out of Huntsville this morning and had quit and adventure. An adventure that I would like to add that I would like to never have again. On my flight from Houston to San Antonio the plane that I was in experienced an electrical problem. The pilot decided to turn the flight around about 10 minutes after we were in the air. By the time we got back to Houston we were in full "this plane may very well crash/emergency evacuation plan mode." Complete with the flight attendant running to the back of the plane yelling "WE ARE COMING DOWN HARD AND FAST!!!!!" while we were instructed to enter the crash position. The landing was extremely hard and we were jostled all about and all over the runway, but praise God we landed okay and no one was injured. The runway was littered with lots of ambulances, fire engines and police cars. Pretty scary. Most everyone on the flight was crying and just about everyone was holding hands. Weird holding hands with people you have never met. When we unloaded and were waiting on our return flight it was like everyone on the flight knew each other, odd how near tragedy does that. I'm so grateful for God's protection today. It sorta puts everything back into perspective. Other than being a bit shock up I'm just fine and happier than ever to be on solid ground and owe my father in heaven and his son many many prayers of gratitude today. 

Oh Crappy Year 2009....

So I'm feeling a little down lately. 2009 and thus far proven to be a stressful year for us. There has just been a lot going on. I'm flying out shortly to Texas to rent us a house and some basic furniture and in about 3 weeks Alyssa and I will be permanently joining Jamey in Texas. In time for his graduation from Officer's Basic Training. We had this "bright" idea that he would stay in a extended stay hotel until our house sold. Too bad that there are bad people in the world that like to steal stuff! Luckily Jamey is fine, but our poor Honda Element is missing passenger windows at the moment! In 3 months my Camry has been in the body shop twice and now the Element again. I think we have the black cloud hanging over our motorized vehicles! All 3 through no fault of our own (thank goodness or I feel certain that our insurance company would drop us!) I made arrangements for the Element to be repaired tomorrow morning and then I made appointments to view a few houses tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully one of those will be "the one!" 

I'm going to stop whining around in my self pity and praise God that my problems, while still problems, are small problems in the scheme of things. We are healthy, happy and have lots of people who love us. We have joy, laughter, love, and a strong belief of our father in Heaven and those are things that will see us through this little road block in our lives. I'm going to be positive and believe that soon our house will sell and believe that this too shall pass. Every road has a few bumps, this year we just decided to get them over with...I hope!!! 

Thanks to all who listen to me rant and whine, and a special thanks to my grandmama who is watching my rather spoiled cats while I scurry about, and my in-laws who are watching my mean little poodle and my adorable, precious baby girl (I believe that they said that she makes up for the dog!).

But if you don't mind say a little prayer that our house will SELL!!! Well and that I don't go nuts in the process!!! This week is my first week as a "real" military wife, Jamey goes into the field Monday and comes out Friday so I'm house hunting in San Antonio solo! 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Expressions of self

Alyssa is proving to pick up on her Daddy's artistic side. Sadly this also applies to her wardrobe choices. Below is a prime example. Jamey and Alyssa share a love for the unusual when picking out their clothing. Let us hope that this "trait" improves with age! (One day she will kill me for this photo!)

The beauty of the artistic streak is that she's wonderfully creative, much like Jamey. She loves to draw, paint, dance and sing. Jamey expresses himself both externally (his tattooed sleeve would be a prime example) Alyssa lately has been really painting on herself I guess since Daddy has lots of pictures so should Lyssie! Below are some pictures from a recent Art session!

She shared with Mommy here! 
And then off to the bath tub we go!!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Haylee and Stephen

Today I had the opportunity to take some pictures of Haylee and Stephen. Poor Haylee has been helping me learn to crochet and in exchange I did some pictures of she and Stephen. Haylee also babysits my active toddler at times as well! 

Stephen and Haylee are such a fabulous couple and I had so much fun photographing them. Stephen happily did whatever Haylee and I told him to, including kneeling in the mud! Here are some pictures from our session. These were taken at a park in Kingston Springs, TN where Haylee and Stephen go frequently. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day in our house....

Is also known as "Happy Family Day!" in the Kephart home. That's right, April Fools Day 2008 Jamey and I officially became Alyssa's Mom and Dad. It was a really wonderful day for our family. My friends and family have pictures of themselves in the delivery room, and these are our equivalent. We are so very blessed to be able to have, Alyssa Rose in our lives. She is an answer to a thousand prayers and Jamey and I are so very grateful for the joy that she brings to our lives everyday. 

Jamey and his "baby girl" before the hearing. He kept saying "It will not be funny if we get in there and the judge says April Fools."
Betsy and Alyssa. Betsy bought Alyssa a special "Adoption Day" bracelet and she also bought this adorable dress. Alyssa only wore the bracelet once, because after this she just kept trying to eat it....It is however tucked away so that she'll always have it.
Jamey's dad was so nervous he just kept pacing around and around. We were next when this was taken.
Our first picture as a "official" family. We were already a family! I'll never forget when the judge asked me how I felt about Alyssa, I gave this long tear filled speech about how much I loved her and on and on and on, and Jamey just said "Well what she said, plus I'm crazy about her." As always a man of few words.
After the hearing we had lunch at the Loveless Cafe here in Nashville with Jamey's parents, my mom, sister and niece and my Grandma. Jamey's dad gave Alyssa an unknown amount of Jam, which she loved! This picture is just funny so I included it.
Can you believe that chubby baby is now almost 2????
So today was again "Happy Family Day!" Jamey is in Texas doing his military training and unfortunately missed our special annual event. I took lots of pictures though to make sure that he gets to see how much fun Alyssa had on our family day. After nap time today I took her to the Monkeytreehouse here in Nashville. It's this huge indoor treehouse that has lots and lots of different areas to play. They have slides, a dress up area, a  kitchen, a ball pit and on and on. She's been a couple of times with her daddy on rainy yucky days and really likes going there. I took the below picture of us with the selftimer so it's not terribly good....
Here she is in the ball pit. She loved it!
After we finished up at Monkeytreehouse I took her to Coldstone Creamery for some ice cream. We sat outside and at our treat and Alyssa greeted and said "Bye See Ya" to every person and car that went by. 
Then we came home and we colored outside with sidewalk chalk, which is her favorite besides bubbles of course....She does like to color on herself more than the sidewalk sometimes, but hey it is "Happy Family Day" and what is that without a little mess!
She was passed out asleep by 7 pm so I would say that she really enjoyed our 2nd Annual Happy Family Day! Here's to many more wonderful days with our most precious gift! We do miss Daddy though! Love you Jame...