Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day in our house....

Is also known as "Happy Family Day!" in the Kephart home. That's right, April Fools Day 2008 Jamey and I officially became Alyssa's Mom and Dad. It was a really wonderful day for our family. My friends and family have pictures of themselves in the delivery room, and these are our equivalent. We are so very blessed to be able to have, Alyssa Rose in our lives. She is an answer to a thousand prayers and Jamey and I are so very grateful for the joy that she brings to our lives everyday. 

Jamey and his "baby girl" before the hearing. He kept saying "It will not be funny if we get in there and the judge says April Fools."
Betsy and Alyssa. Betsy bought Alyssa a special "Adoption Day" bracelet and she also bought this adorable dress. Alyssa only wore the bracelet once, because after this she just kept trying to eat it....It is however tucked away so that she'll always have it.
Jamey's dad was so nervous he just kept pacing around and around. We were next when this was taken.
Our first picture as a "official" family. We were already a family! I'll never forget when the judge asked me how I felt about Alyssa, I gave this long tear filled speech about how much I loved her and on and on and on, and Jamey just said "Well what she said, plus I'm crazy about her." As always a man of few words.
After the hearing we had lunch at the Loveless Cafe here in Nashville with Jamey's parents, my mom, sister and niece and my Grandma. Jamey's dad gave Alyssa an unknown amount of Jam, which she loved! This picture is just funny so I included it.
Can you believe that chubby baby is now almost 2????
So today was again "Happy Family Day!" Jamey is in Texas doing his military training and unfortunately missed our special annual event. I took lots of pictures though to make sure that he gets to see how much fun Alyssa had on our family day. After nap time today I took her to the Monkeytreehouse here in Nashville. It's this huge indoor treehouse that has lots and lots of different areas to play. They have slides, a dress up area, a  kitchen, a ball pit and on and on. She's been a couple of times with her daddy on rainy yucky days and really likes going there. I took the below picture of us with the selftimer so it's not terribly good....
Here she is in the ball pit. She loved it!
After we finished up at Monkeytreehouse I took her to Coldstone Creamery for some ice cream. We sat outside and at our treat and Alyssa greeted and said "Bye See Ya" to every person and car that went by. 
Then we came home and we colored outside with sidewalk chalk, which is her favorite besides bubbles of course....She does like to color on herself more than the sidewalk sometimes, but hey it is "Happy Family Day" and what is that without a little mess!
She was passed out asleep by 7 pm so I would say that she really enjoyed our 2nd Annual Happy Family Day! Here's to many more wonderful days with our most precious gift! We do miss Daddy though! Love you Jame...


Shannon Kish said...

So fun! She is getting so big and so adorable!