Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun with Uncle BJ

We have been very blessed that Alyssa has the world's greatest uncle. My big brother Billy is a wonderful brother and he's a fabulous uncle. He stayed with us for a while after he returned from Iraq and after Alyssa was born. He's always been happy to babysit for us, and he is Alyssa's favorite fellow (besides her Daddy of course). BJ is always teaching Alyssa funny things and even taught her to "eat like a monster," which is hysterical by the way. BJ came up yesterday and today to get the rest of his things and Alyssa was super excited to see her BJ. He threw Alyssa around on my bed for while right before bath time. A good time to be had by all as you can see from both of their faces! We are going to miss living with Uncle BJ a whole bunch. Mommy and Daddy aren't near as funny! 
This is the face of a very happy girl!
Alyssa also got this Barbie ATV from a friend of my mother-in-laws. You know I never pass by free toys/clothes ect! She loves her ride a whole lot! She got to play on it a while today and she's so tiny on this huge thing but she has a lot of fun. She doesn't know how to turn but she counts on me to tag along after her and steer it in the right direction.

And finally kisses for Mama. She's really into giving love right now (which I love!) and she is always kissing everything...she tried to kiss a bumble bee today which I assured her wasn't a good idea! 
In other news we are moving Monday! The movers are coming and we'll be out of Nashville by Wednesday. Alyssa and I will be heading to San Antonio soon there after. Kinda fast I know, but in my opinion it's long overdue!


Billy Eakes said...

Yea it has and was fun. I would love to see her kiss that bumble bee.

Jennifer said...

Adorable pictures. She's going to hate the new one on your blog title when she's older! Glad to hear all your moving details are straightened out!!

AngieK said...

LOL I know Jennifer! I have lots and lots of pictures that she is going to hate!!!