Saturday, April 4, 2009

Haylee and Stephen

Today I had the opportunity to take some pictures of Haylee and Stephen. Poor Haylee has been helping me learn to crochet and in exchange I did some pictures of she and Stephen. Haylee also babysits my active toddler at times as well! 

Stephen and Haylee are such a fabulous couple and I had so much fun photographing them. Stephen happily did whatever Haylee and I told him to, including kneeling in the mud! Here are some pictures from our session. These were taken at a park in Kingston Springs, TN where Haylee and Stephen go frequently. 


Clarissa and Matt said...

These turned out soooo darling!!!

AngieK said...

I thought they turned out pretty well too. Stephen and Haylee were super easy to take pictures of as well. Both of them are so laid back and photogenic thank goodness!

Sandy said...

That's my baby! He's turned into a man right before my eyes! Stop it. That means I am getting older! Where's my little boy gone!!! You did a great job as usual Angie. Makes me sad and happy that he's grown up!

AngieK said...

I know what you mean Sandy!