Sunday, April 19, 2009

Initiation and random ramblings

This week has been interesting. I've learned a lot about myself, I'm also pretty proud of myself. I was initiated into the life of the Army....long lines and all! I managed to (crosses fingers) line everything up for our very first PCS (permanent change of station military term they love Acronyms....) move. I rented a house by myself and managed to make lots of decisions minus my adoring and rather handsome husband (who mainly lets me do what I want anyway but who I like to get confirmation from). I did however spend a large amount of time waiting in long military style lines....I was however assured that the transportation office at Fort Sam Houston isn't the most swift on the block and it'll be easier next time by all the wonderful people that I had to talk to with during my long and painful waits. The military just went to a new online system for has lots of kinks they are still working out so I got to experience transportation 2 days in a wasn't anymore fun the second time around! I now know that a power of attorney is the most marvelous thing since sliced bread. I also discovered that I can buy most anything, get my hair and my toenails done, get a massage, take a knitting class, garden and to can food on post (not that I had time to do any of these things, but in due time in due time!) April 27th is our "move" day. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Jamey's been telling folks I'm wonderful, but we all already knew that.

Our new landlord is great and he hooked me up at the local utility company by calling his church friend and having her take extra special care of me. Hugs to him for that cause it speeded things up a lot. Jamey and I met a couple of our new neighbors who are really nice, seems we are surrounded by military families and they are happy to welcome us to the fold. I met a fellow Army wife on-line and I have had dinner with her both times I have been out to San Antonio and Bambi and her husband Jeremy hooked a very happy Jamey up with a TV until our stuff arrives. Our landlord (who is retired military) even offered to bring over pots, pans, dishes, linens ect. Everyone seems to understand what living is like until your household goods arrive.  

I got to retrieve my handsome yet very smelly husband from his week in the field (and week with no shower) Friday night. I was happy to see him but perhaps less so to smell him...I was even happier to deposit him the shower (love ya babe but ya did smell...). He goes back into the field for additional field training this week and next and then he graduates! I'm so proud of him. He is a remarkable man and I'm very glad that he's ours. Even covered in dirt the site of him in that military uniform causes my chest to swell with the knowledge and the pride that he's doing such a wonderful thing for his country. (I promise to get some pictures of him in uniform soon!)

I then flew out this morning, my flight was delayed and then my connection to Huntsville CANCELLED...I have bad luck in the world of flight right now I tell you. I ended up getting flown into Cincinatti, OH and then eventually did make it here to Huntsville, AL several hours after I was originally suppose to. 

The best part of being home.....the flying toddler that just about knocked me down when I walked in the door, screaming MAMA so loud the neighbors heard her. I'm hoping this is the very last time that I have to leave baby girl for any period of time. I sure missed that darling child of mine....I sure did. 2 weeks from now we will all be home....home is wherever we are all together. Be that TN, TX or Korea....well let us hope not Korea.