Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh Crappy Year 2009....

So I'm feeling a little down lately. 2009 and thus far proven to be a stressful year for us. There has just been a lot going on. I'm flying out shortly to Texas to rent us a house and some basic furniture and in about 3 weeks Alyssa and I will be permanently joining Jamey in Texas. In time for his graduation from Officer's Basic Training. We had this "bright" idea that he would stay in a extended stay hotel until our house sold. Too bad that there are bad people in the world that like to steal stuff! Luckily Jamey is fine, but our poor Honda Element is missing passenger windows at the moment! In 3 months my Camry has been in the body shop twice and now the Element again. I think we have the black cloud hanging over our motorized vehicles! All 3 through no fault of our own (thank goodness or I feel certain that our insurance company would drop us!) I made arrangements for the Element to be repaired tomorrow morning and then I made appointments to view a few houses tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully one of those will be "the one!" 

I'm going to stop whining around in my self pity and praise God that my problems, while still problems, are small problems in the scheme of things. We are healthy, happy and have lots of people who love us. We have joy, laughter, love, and a strong belief of our father in Heaven and those are things that will see us through this little road block in our lives. I'm going to be positive and believe that soon our house will sell and believe that this too shall pass. Every road has a few bumps, this year we just decided to get them over with...I hope!!! 

Thanks to all who listen to me rant and whine, and a special thanks to my grandmama who is watching my rather spoiled cats while I scurry about, and my in-laws who are watching my mean little poodle and my adorable, precious baby girl (I believe that they said that she makes up for the dog!).

But if you don't mind say a little prayer that our house will SELL!!! Well and that I don't go nuts in the process!!! This week is my first week as a "real" military wife, Jamey goes into the field Monday and comes out Friday so I'm house hunting in San Antonio solo! 


Jennifer said...

I hope your year improves! I know it's hard to be away from your husband. I hope your trip goes well and house hunting is good!

I'll be praying for you guys and the sale of your house!