Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Treats

So I'm back on Weight Watchers and my sweet tooth is protesting! I found these recipes and Alyssa and I have been indulging in the fabulous cool treats. I love and she does too and we can even get daddy to eat them now and again!

Fruity Pops
1 c blueberries fresh
1/2 c diced mango
1 c orange juice with pulp
Divide 1/2 c blueberries evenly among 8 2 oz ice pop molds top evenly with mango then with the remaining blueberries
divide orange juice evenly among molds cover and freeze till solid
0 pt per pop (30 calories)

Creamy Pops
2 4.4 oz containers vanilla pudding
1 drop cocunut extract (I didn't use this cause I dont have it and I ain't buying it!)
2 small bananna dices
4 tsp dark chocolate shavings
combine all in bowl and then gently stir to combine divide in 8 2 oz molds freeze
1 pt per pop

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elmo's Got it!

We are hoping to tackle the potty by the end of the summer.....that might just be a hope not a reality, but hey a mama can dream can't she??? Dream of the diaperless days ahead! Alyssa is actually doing pretty well. She doesn't like an audience though and prefers to go pee pee in the potty and then come find you and show you just what she did! (then get the sticker and M&M's that come along with it and the jumping up and down screaming YAY!!!! She'll point at me when she goes potty and say "You Go YAY!!!!") When prompted "Do you need to go potty?" About 100% of the time she will say "OK" and run and get Elmo and take him potty. I'm proud to say that Alyssa has Up Up Elmo totally potty trained!! YAY Elmo!!!! 

Monday, July 6, 2009

Daddy's Death Machine!

Big Boys and their Big Toys!! Jamey got a 2005 Harley Friday. He's happy about it at least! LOL! I'd rather have used the money on a vacation to the Bahamas.....Haha! Lyssie thinks that it's a "Big Bicycle" and doesn't like the noise that it makes but does like to sit on it with her Daddy and press buttons! 

Birthday fun and Maracas!

Lyssie had a laid back 2nd birthday this year. We invited the Schwab family over for hot dogs and cake Saturday. Dustin just got into the Army with Jamey and they are both stationed at BAMC. Dustin and Jamey actually met the day that we reported here and our families have become pretty fast friends. All 6 of the extremely adorable Schwab children, along with their parents came over and celebrated with us. It was a lot of fun and all the kids as well as we adults had a blast. 
Uncle BJ sent Alyssa a band in a box for her birthday and it's a ton of fun! Alyssa has been shaking her Maracas non-stop since it arrived! It has a variety of musical instruments and our darling girl orders Jamey and I to play as well. Our house is getting louder by the minute!! 

Alyssa eating at the kiddie table with Rueben and Ananias. 
Lyssie's Elmo cake!
Blowing out the candles with help from Mama and Jedediah. 
Reuben the cutie! He's such a darling!!! 

Friday, July 3, 2009

Two years ago today......

Jamey and my lives changed forever...for the better. Our daughter came into the world. Alyssa 2 years ago weighed in at a massive 5 lbs 6 ounces and stole our hearts. She has been such a gift to us, such a blessing in our lives. 
Today Alyssa is still a little bitty weighing only 23 lbs. She's funny and happy and loud and truly a terrific 2! She likes to dress up in our shoes, yesterday she came down stairs sporting a bra for a hat, once followed me down the stairs to answer the door for the UPS man with a tampon stuck in her ear (the UPS man thought it was hysterical, I was completely embarassed!!!), sings loudly, dances at completely inappropriate times to whatever is playing, head bangs to her Daddy's CD's, throws massive temper tantrums, gives the very best hugs, talks incessantly in whatever language it is that she speaks, thinks that she should take a bath 12 times a day, sometimes drinks out of the dog bowl (we do discourage this behavior!!), has a true obsession with Elmo, thinks her Daddy is her horsey, loves lip gloss, eats truly odd stuff for a 2 year old, covers her face with her hand and puts on a dramatic heartbreaking display anytime Jamey gets on to her, sits on the cat, loves flowers, collects rocks, could spend all day any day outside, picks up bugs, shakes her "booty booty" on command, talks on her phone and laughs hysterically all the way through the grocery store, and truly truly is the LOVE of our lives.