Thursday, July 16, 2009

Elmo's Got it!

We are hoping to tackle the potty by the end of the summer.....that might just be a hope not a reality, but hey a mama can dream can't she??? Dream of the diaperless days ahead! Alyssa is actually doing pretty well. She doesn't like an audience though and prefers to go pee pee in the potty and then come find you and show you just what she did! (then get the sticker and M&M's that come along with it and the jumping up and down screaming YAY!!!! She'll point at me when she goes potty and say "You Go YAY!!!!") When prompted "Do you need to go potty?" About 100% of the time she will say "OK" and run and get Elmo and take him potty. I'm proud to say that Alyssa has Up Up Elmo totally potty trained!! YAY Elmo!!!! 


Sandy said...

LOL!! Too too cute!!

Clarissa and Matt said...

I love these pictures!! Don't you feel like you're going to be so rich when you can stop buying diapers?! : )

AngieK said...

Amen sister I will have a bundle in my pocket! When we got off the formula that was great but the pull ups are more expensive than the diapers!!!