Sunday, September 27, 2009

Motorcycle Ride through Texas hill country

Jamey and I were invited by our friends Shannon and Dustin to go on a bike ride through Texas Hill Country. Despite the fact that my butt was so numb I couldn't stand it when we were done it was a fabulous time! It was really beautiful. I took these pictures from the back of the bike and they don't do Texas Hill country justice at all. It was a beautiful ride! Our destination was Fredricksburg, TX and we had dinner at a little German restaurant there.

I strive to do all things in my life memorable and thus on the way home our motorcycle broke down! Can you believe that??? I told Jamey not to buy American! Nah really it was probably just a fuse but we will find out Monday when we take the bike in to the shop. We do have roadside assistance on the bike and so a tow truck came and got us. Thank goodness that Shannon and Dustin's oldest daughter is our babysitter! All and all a good trip, but I could have done without the mechanical trouble at the end!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My weight loss journey...the never ending saga!

So I have been working really hard to lose weight and I pulled out old pictures to motivate myself! I've lost 34 lbs so far and I'm pretty happy with the results...I've still got a long way to go but I'm closer than I was!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Visit with Alyssa's first Family

Jamey and I have been really blessed in that we have been able to keep in contact with Alyssa's firstmom and grandma. The blessings that we received in being able to become Alyssa's parents have been so plentiful! Adoption truly is a gift and it has so enriched our lives. I'm very grateful to say that I can call Alyssa's first mom and grandmother friends, and people who I love so dearly. I hope as Alyssa grows she will know how special she is and how lucky she is to have so many people who love her in her life. She also has a very beautiful half sister, Shyanne who totally adores her! These are actually the first pictures that I have of Alyssa and I with Sue, Shy and Jessi! I am always the one taking them and never actually am in them! Thanks to Sue and Jessi for allowing us to be in your lives! We love you all so much!

10 year class reunion.....sorta

The class of 1999 from Buckhorn high school postponed our class reunion 3 weeks prior to the event. So I had my own! Here are some pictures! I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed catching up with all those that turned out for it. We had approx 25 people there altogether and for a last minute unofficial reunion I thought that was totally awesome! I will however not be bothering to attend the "real" reunion next May....somehow I have a feeling it probably won't actually happen....

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Baby

I hope my child looks back on today,
and remembers a Mommy who had time to play.
There will be years for cleaning and cooking,
But children grow up when we are not looking.
Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,
Babies grow fast, we learn to our sorrow.
So settle down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
I’m cuddling my baby, and babies don’t keep.

Just a quick update!

Just a little update on our little family. I'm settling into the role of a stay at home mom. I enjoy it some days and others I think working might be easier! I talk a lot about going back to work a day or two a week, but for now Jamey's schedule is so hectic that it isn't all that realistic at the moment. The terrible 2's are here and our new favorite thing to do is throw massive temper tantrums! Being 2 years old has to be hard for her as well, she goes from all smiles to massive fits in the floor in about 2.2 seconds! She's a drama queen! I guess she got that from her mama! Jamey says all the time between she and I he's moving out when she's a teenager! 

Alyssa's vocabulary is really increasing. It's AMAZING all the new words that she says everyday and the stuff that she comes up with. She's truly one of the funniest people I know, she got that from Uncle BJ! She thinks she is funny too! She runs and runs and runs and tells Jamey "Alyssa RUNS FAST!!!" and she does! Believe me we chase her enough! She will start back to Mother's Day Out 2 days a week next week. All of her teachers are fluent in Spanish and they will be teaching the kids to speak Spanish. Jamey and I are so excited that she'll have this chance. Maybe she can even teach us! They also have music class there once day a week. I am so excited about this new program. They also have a really involved Parents organization and I met some wonderful other stay at home mommies when she and I went to the clean up day at her school a couple of weeks ago. 

Alyssa and I will be back in Sweet Home Alabama next Friday and I'm excited about that as well. I miss all my Alabama family and friends and am really really looking forward to seeing everyone while we are in town. Even though we are really going to miss Daddy who has to stay here and work! 

We are also really glad that it is finally cooling down out's so hot that some days we can't stand to be outside for very long (well I can't...Alyssa is another story! Thank goodness for the big oak tree in our backyard!!!) Oh well just a little update on the life of the Kephart's out in Texas!