Sunday, September 27, 2009

Motorcycle Ride through Texas hill country

Jamey and I were invited by our friends Shannon and Dustin to go on a bike ride through Texas Hill Country. Despite the fact that my butt was so numb I couldn't stand it when we were done it was a fabulous time! It was really beautiful. I took these pictures from the back of the bike and they don't do Texas Hill country justice at all. It was a beautiful ride! Our destination was Fredricksburg, TX and we had dinner at a little German restaurant there.

I strive to do all things in my life memorable and thus on the way home our motorcycle broke down! Can you believe that??? I told Jamey not to buy American! Nah really it was probably just a fuse but we will find out Monday when we take the bike in to the shop. We do have roadside assistance on the bike and so a tow truck came and got us. Thank goodness that Shannon and Dustin's oldest daughter is our babysitter! All and all a good trip, but I could have done without the mechanical trouble at the end!


Clarissa and Matt said...

I'll be sure not to show Matt this post! :) It'll just make him sad! I like that first picture with Jamey's jacket a lot. I'm glad you guys had fun!