Friday, October 23, 2009

IF it goes must come off....right???

Our little Alyssa is a very curious little child....unfortunately sometimes it gets her into trouble...Today while I was cleaning the carpet she apparently decided that her potty seat would be a fun thing to wear like a necklace. I have no idea how she got this over her head but it was much more difficult to get it back off....Dad and I did manage to get it off with some careful hacking and a little crisco. Needless to say we will stick with the potty chair from now on and not have the potty's a little to dangerous in our house!

Good daddy's truly are blessings!

I just thought these were cute and I had to share them! Jamey got home from work Saturday night and Alyssa played dress up with her papa! Good daddy that he is he happily donned his wig and sat down to a tea party with his baby girl before dinner. I'm so blessed to have both he and Alyssa in my life. They truly make everyday a happy day!

Love her tutu, sesame street, crazy hair combo? She put this together herself!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bald Heads, Pretty Princesses and Poor fashion.....

Jamey has decided to finally give up on the world of hair so we shaved his head. The truly hysterical portion of this is that Alyssa also wanted us to shave her head and cried when we wouldn't do it. Jamey was all for it, but I'm not letting him shave my pretty girls head!
"Kissy You Mama!" Alyssa is just starting to really get into dressing up and loves to play dress up. I forgot we had this adorable little costume and ran across it today while I was cleaning out the attic and the garage. Glad I did though because she had such fun playing in it!

Our little Alyssa inherited her father's fashion sense....poor child. She put this outfit together all on her own....Her nightgown with her blue jeans and then wore it all day long....!