Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning!

This year was our first Christmas as a "military family." That being said we are 16 hours from home and our families. I sure do miss them. I miss the Christmas chaos and my equally loud and wonderful siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. But it was a good Christmas anyhow. Jamey was actually scheduled to work at the hospital but his wonderful coworker Deborah insisted that she work for him so that he could be home with Alyssa Christmas morning. There is nothing quite like the light in a childs eyes when they see that tree laden with gifts. Alyssa was so excited she didn't know what to open first and kept half opening things and moving on to the next before she finished with the first.

We didn't go overboard. I've been really pleased with myself and Jamey in our endeavors to keep Christmas simple and not give in to the monster in me that wants to fill the livingroom to overflowing with gifts. The most popular gift.....a $10 firetruck. Our sweet little tom boy!

I also realize that I take too many pictures! When I was looking at my pictures from Christmas day I was stunned at how many I had taken! Jamey kids that I want to chronicle every moment of her life...and it's true. Every moment with our babies are special, special moments. Fleeting moments that pass so quickly and photographs are visual memories that our hearts hold. And my heart is so full of love for this child who I'm lucky enough to have, and this Christmas morning I'm so grateful for the most precious gift God bestowed upon me: MOTHERHOOD.


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Lori said...

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