Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Gran-Gran's visit to Texas

My grandma came to visit us in this past week. We enjoyed it so much. I haven't had the chance to spend that much time with my grandma before and I'm so glad that she decided to come out and spend a week with us. We had the chance to chat a lot while she was here and we got to visit a couple of places as well. Alyssa LOVED all the time that she got to spend with her GG. My grandma is such a special lady and she and I have always been close and it was very nice to have her all to myself for a whole week. I really enjoyed the chance to cook for her, chat and laugh for her.

We took her down to the Riverwalk and that was a lot of fun. The Riverwalk is so pretty this time of the year with all the lights. Alyssa loved it and she kept saying "WOW."
Us at the Riverwalk it was COLD!! Alyssa was wearing my gloves and they were WAY too big!!!
Lyssa and her GG reading "Goodnight Moon" Alyssa really enjoyed reading with grandma. I cherish this picture. Notice Alyssa was dressed up like a princess for the occasion.
This was Grandma's first night here and Alyssa said "Picture mama!" and posed for the camera! She def takes after me! LOL!
Alyssa really enjoyed playing with Grandma. She was forever playing with her face! I don't remember exactly what she was doing here.


Sandy said...

That child is so beautiful, just like her Moma!!