Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 resolution....on it's way to completion!

Ok Ok so it's going to be a REALLY long time before I actually complete it! But I'm teaching myself to sew! As part of my 2010 things I want to do....I want to learn to sew. I have had a sewing machine for greater than 4 years. Thanks to my most marvelous mother in law who purchased it for me when several years ago I expressed interest in learning....I have not used it once until now! And here is the first 12" inch block of what will one day be a log cabin quilt for a very special person who will love this extremely imperfect quilt every bit as much as she loves me......


Sandy said...

That is really good Angie for your first time sewing. I used to sew all the time when the kids were little. I need to finish Mark's "Car's" blanket for him. Matt is out of the country this week, so I am spending some time over at Clarissa's to get a break from my house for a while. Keep up the great work in sewing. I have seen some VERY easy little sun dresses you could make for Lyssie. They look cute and cool for the spring summer months ahead. How's the weather down there? We have had a lot of snow this year. Cold weather! I am ready to warm things up!!! have a great week!

Clarissa and Matt said...

Ah, you're making me a quilt? How sweet! :).