Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quilting progress, winged creatures, cutie pies and painted pumpkins oh my!!!

What a random title right??? Well that's what has been going on in the Kephart home this week! Halloween (my most favorite holiday!!!) is right around the corner and we are preparing for it in all sorts of style. Ok not really but Alyssa did have a Costume parade at her preschool and she looked completely, totally and fantastically adorable as a fairy princess. I admit that I was too lazy to add the green to her tutu prior to the parade and thus she doesn't totally match, but I did finish it up last night! Her she is in her parading glory! Dad was even off and able to go with me to the parade! Sunday we will have 5-6 families here to trick or treat and eat with us. Halloween is my Aunt Lisa's favorite holiday and we always spent it together as a family. I get a little sad and a touch homesick on Halloween so this year Jamey decided that we'd carry on my families Halloween tradition with our "Texas family." I'm super excited and I know that the kids will really enjoy the food, festivities and well CANDY!!!!
Texas is not a good climate for pumpkin carving. We know this how you ask??? Well because 3 days ago we carved a super ugly 'scary' pumpkin and it was completely infested with ants, flies and other things I have no desire to know about! We threw 'scary' pumpkin out and we then tried another route (primarily due to the crying 3 year old who missed her 'scary' pumpkin!) and painted our pumpkin! It's fantastic! Alyssa helped with the 'hair!' It was a fun project and next year we plan to each do one. I think it just might replace pumpkin carving in our household!
And this is just too cute not to know it's just adorable!

I do apologize about all my quilting stories. I love it, I'm addicted to it and I love to talk about it. Alas very few, save a couple of friends and my cousin care to hear about it! Jamey's ugly shirt quilt is looking rather nice if I say so myself! Using old clothes to make this quilt has posed quite a challenge. I'm working with only a limited amount of material so I have had to change my plan from the original pattern to make it work. Here's where I am so far. The olive drab is from actual Vietnam Era Army uniforms. That being said I ran out! Off to the thrift store I go in search of more! I need at least 2 more shirts to complete this quilt top. I'm pretty proud that I made this whole quilt top out of shirts. Makes it sorta special, sorta unique....and well it's tacky! You can think it, cause I know!!! But who else shall have a quilt this one of a kind???

Monday, October 25, 2010

October visit home

The girls on Granny's horse
Us and our Daddy.
The girls watching the fish
They are too precious aren't they? I framed this one!
Me and my siblings
Us and Mama
Adorable pumpkin pickers
Mama and her grand gals.

The worst thing about living far away is that I miss my family terribly. These people who I talk to just about everyday that make up such a huge part of my life I only get to see once or twice a year now. That's hard for me, but that's just how it is right now. I had a very brief and short visit home in early October and I had the chance to visit with my parents and my siblings. It was a lot of fun, but went by much too quickly.

I also got to spend a good bit of time with my sweet little niece Alli. She loves her Aunt Angie and that love that little kid. She and Alyssa play so well together and I love watching them at play together. Hopefully one day soon we can get a little closer to home!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quilting stories....Jamey's story

I discovered quilting earlier this year. I love it. I think about quilting when I'm running, walking or randomly bored. I plan out my future quilts and make sketches that I keep in a 3 ring bright pink binder marked Quilting and decorated in random smiley faces that my 3 year old drew all over it. Am I a huge dork?? Yes...yes I am! I proudly proclaim my dorkiness to all that will listen. I'm totally secure in it. One of the many reasons that I adore quilting so is that each quilt tells a story, you just have to look for it. They mark the arrival of sweet babies to the world and new marriages. They keep you warm, homemade quilts make you feel cozy, happy and at home (or they do me anyway!). They can be made out of just about anything, mistakes make them more uniquely your own (although the chick that taught my quilting class in April would disagree with me here!!! She was pretty precise and thought I ought to be as well! I'm not and I never will be. I just make a mistake and keep plodding along in the hopes that the end product isn't to big a mess!) I have about a million reasons that I love quilting but I 'm rambling on and on....

My fourth quilt is for my husband. He's extremely excited. He's unable to believe that I didn't give my first quilt to him, but it went to my gran-gran and she adores the silly thing! Making this quilt for him has made me think about all the reasons I adore this man who at times has a wardrobe that is as loud as he is not. These shirts that were "retired" (retired meaning that I forbad him to ever wear them again) serve as sort of a reminder of our relationship. I've gotten many a chuckle out of the additions to his wardrobe (most of which he found on ebay). One of the shirts that will serve as a border for his quilt he wore on our first real date. He had on this super tacky hawaiian style shirt and quietly thrust a bundle of flowers whose stems were wrapped in a Winn Dixie bag at me before he even greeting me. He just smiled and said "I didn't want your clothes to get wet..." I thought it was super sweet, his wardrobe was truly awful and I think I loved him that very second.

He's an awesome fellow, who puts up with plenty from me for sure. He loves expensive weird beer and appreciates a good cigar after a big steak. He loves tattoes and has an abundance of them. He has no shame in going all around town in sweat pants with holes in them and super hero t-shirts., regardless of where he's going or what he's doing...apparently they are appropriate to every situation! He hates to shave and refuses to do it when he's not working (and Uncle Sam says that he must shave before work). He doesn't talk much, but when he does it's usually worth listening to. He reads a lot and has his own ideas about most everything. He writes, paints and draws beautifully. He's probably one of the best dad's I know, even if his entrance into the world of fatherhood was unexpected and sort of sudden. He loves me for reasons unknown. Probably because I always fill the silence! He's not afraid to just be himself and that's one of the things that I truly love about him. I mean who else has enough confidence to wear a shirt that I nicknamed "the horsey shirt" (horsey shirt was not allowed to be sacrificed for this project, he loves it to much....)

Here is the first block of his Ugly shirt quilt. And here are some pictures of this fellow who I adore. I've spent 10 years of my life with this wonderful man and I'm looking forward to spending 60 more with him. He's awesome, fantastic and all things incredible...even if his wardrobe is a little unique...the 4 shirts pictured here are nicknamed "The spaceship shirt, Neon Polka dots vomited, The pimp shirt, and It's too ugly to have a nickname...."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the world Baby Caroline

Several years ago I became friends with my friend Kara. Most people reading my blog know that Kara and I met in nursing school and we have been extremely close ever since (the bonds of extreme stress in nursing school bond like none other!). We have been best friends for almost 1o years now. It doesn't seem that long ago...which means that we are getting old! I've been so blessed in my friendship with Kara. She was in my wedding, I was in her wedding. She helped deliver my daughter, and I have been able to be present for the births of both of her girls. Most recently Caroline Ruth, who entered the world on October 11. Lots and lots of long phone conversations, plenty of tears, laughter and occasionally bottles of wine have made Kara and I closer as the years go by, despite the fact that I keep moving farther and farther away from her! Raising our daughters together is truly a gift and I'm so glad that we are able to share this joy (and occasionally this trial!) with one another. Here are some of my favorite pictures from Caroline's birth day. Caroline is blessed with an older sister, Kristina, wonderful parents, fantastic grandparents and a very loud, very blonde (chemically enhanced of course), very country honorary Aunt Angie......

My little monkey and Caroline. She really enjoyed helping dress her and holding her, although she informed me on the way home that we didn't need one at our house because it "smells like poo." Spoken like a 3 year old!
And this is probably my favorite picture ever! Alyssa was comparing her feet with Baby Caroline's. I just think this is to sweet for words!
Welcome to the world Baby Caroline!