Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the world Baby Caroline

Several years ago I became friends with my friend Kara. Most people reading my blog know that Kara and I met in nursing school and we have been extremely close ever since (the bonds of extreme stress in nursing school bond like none other!). We have been best friends for almost 1o years now. It doesn't seem that long ago...which means that we are getting old! I've been so blessed in my friendship with Kara. She was in my wedding, I was in her wedding. She helped deliver my daughter, and I have been able to be present for the births of both of her girls. Most recently Caroline Ruth, who entered the world on October 11. Lots and lots of long phone conversations, plenty of tears, laughter and occasionally bottles of wine have made Kara and I closer as the years go by, despite the fact that I keep moving farther and farther away from her! Raising our daughters together is truly a gift and I'm so glad that we are able to share this joy (and occasionally this trial!) with one another. Here are some of my favorite pictures from Caroline's birth day. Caroline is blessed with an older sister, Kristina, wonderful parents, fantastic grandparents and a very loud, very blonde (chemically enhanced of course), very country honorary Aunt Angie......

My little monkey and Caroline. She really enjoyed helping dress her and holding her, although she informed me on the way home that we didn't need one at our house because it "smells like poo." Spoken like a 3 year old!
And this is probably my favorite picture ever! Alyssa was comparing her feet with Baby Caroline's. I just think this is to sweet for words!
Welcome to the world Baby Caroline!