Thursday, December 29, 2011

Annual New Years Resolution post

I think that the years go by too quickly now (I'm getting old. I'll insert a rant about teenagers these days later to reinforce this sentiment). Seems like I just did this and well it's been a year!!!

2011 was a wonderful, wonderful year! We welcomed another sweet girl (and our very last baby...or she better be!!!) into our family. Amelia was not in our "plan" for 2011. We never imagined that we'd ever get pregnant and we finally did. Years of practice finally paid off haha. It was truly the best surprise ever. I even have a funny story about taking my pregnancy test. She's 2 1/2 months old now and it's gone by too quickly. She full of smiles and laughs and LOVES her mama so much that she'd probably still be in my womb if she could. She's also spoiled so rotten she stinks, but I love her anyway. She looks a little like me, a little like her daddy and a lot like herself. She's beautiful....tonight she smiled at me while she was nursing and reached up and touched my face. If my heart could melt it would have.

Alyssa's grown bigger, taller, leaner and meaner. Every day is a joy, although some days are a challenge. She's halfway finished with her pre-k year and she loves school. She also loves her teacher. She constantly is having class and pretending to be her. She sounds just like her too it's hysterical. Mrs. Burroughs even agrees. She's just such a good kid. She's a awesome big sister, she's never ever jealous. I thought this would be an issues because she loves her mama as well, but it hasn't been at all. She climbs trees, sings constantly (and verybadly, bless her I don't see being a rockstar in her future...), dances all around the house and draws beautiful pictures. I love this kid. She's so much like me that some days I feel bad for my mother. She's beautiful as well and has such a big heart. We talk a lot about when she was a baby and what she's going to do when she grows up. I hope she's a hair dresser cause lord knows she does like to cut her hair. I think she's out to beat some kind of hair cutting record in her childhood. I need to hide the scissors better....

So now on to my resolutions: drum roll...ok they aren't really all that exciting.

1. I would put my usual resolution to lose weight, but since that's probably been number 1 every year for the past oh 15 years and I'm still fat I'll just skip that this year.

2. I'm going to learn something new this year. Last year I learned to can jam and veggies and all. The year before I learned to sew. Very domestic I know, but hey I'm domestic. This year I want to learn to crochet I think, but I keep it pretty vague cause I learn something new everyday. I learned to dance to the tutti ta song here recently. It was...well something. Thank goodness my only witnesses were a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 month old....If you don't know about tutti ta here's a link. Everyone should know about it...seriously it's a lot of fun.

3. I'm going to work on my relationships. Making them stronger, weeding out the ones that bring me down, nourishing the ones that bring me up. I think we all need to occasionally work on doing this.
4. I'm going to get more organized. I currently have a organizational system that lacks a system. It needs a system.

5. I'm going to think before I speak. I have a hot temper and sometimes I say things that I don't mean. I'm going to work on my filter this year. It's never been good, it slips at the most inappropriate times sometimes.

6. I'm going to complain less. This resolution might be a hard one. I am a complainer. I'm going to work on this. It sorta goes along with 5 and my filter. Gold star to my husband for enduring almost 9 years of marital bliss :)

7. Savings. Jamey's switching to the reserves in about a year and a half and we are moving HOME. I'm very excited most days about this. He'll start his master degree and we'd love to see him graduate with no student loan debt. We managed to accomplish this with our undergraduate degrees working pretty low paying jobs so I want to do this with his masters.

8. Gasp here it comes....I'm going to spend less time on the computer. Yep I said it. I need more time to crochet, sew, can and all....hehe. I'm just on the computer too much. I fuss at my child spending to much time on the leapster and I'm always on the computer.

9. Alyssa and I read every night at bedtime, but I want us to read more together. I'm going to work on us reading more than just at bedtime. She really only likes to read right now because it prolongs the bedtime routine. I want her to enjoy reading more.

10. I'm going to "pass it on." Let's just say that I've been very lucky. I have so many people who love me and who I love and I've been very fortunate. I'm going to pass a little kindness on. Very vague I know, but passing it on should be pretty vague.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Family photos

I'm probably the worse ever about having our family photos "made." I never ever get them done, I never ever get pictures of Alyssa "made" either. That being said I do take TONS and TONS of pictures of my girls. I just never take them and have them posed at the photo studio and have them done "professionally." Why? I don't like that style picture. I think that it's because I see my little munchkin as this ball full of nonstop energy and her sitting still having her photo made with cute little bows in her hair doesn't add up to the fiesty, uneven haired (she cuts it on a regular basis herself...ok I should probably figure out to stop this problem, but I just figure when she's 15 and wants to know why she has such a stupid looking hair cut from age 2 to 10 that I'll be able to let her know she was her own stylist), smiling, laughing little child that I have the true joy of watching grow everyday. Picture day at her school this year was a disaster. I attempted to send her to school in a really cute dress my mother in law made for her and to fix her hair all up. She completely refused the outfit I picked out, grabbed her rattiest (and favorite) sundress, ankle boots with the scuffed toes and looked at the bow like I asked her to smear poop in her hair, and headed out the door to school. There went my idea of a adorable photo right there.

With all that being said I like my house being filled with photos that I take of my little monsters and their doting, serious, quiet papa. The disadvantage of my desire to document every smile, and fit that happens in our lives...I drive my husband and children absolutely crazy. Currently Alyssa gets irritated anytime she sees me with the camera and I imagine that will get worse. The other disadvantage is that it's been said that I don't have any "real" pictures of the girls either. But does it get any more real than this photo?

If we went to have our pictures made they would never have gotten this picture of my husband. He would have a really stupid look on his face and wouldn't look near this happy. I'm thrilled to be a 'snapshot' photographer and I'm happy to display these snapshots of our lives in our home. Meet my newest snapshot. I'm hanging up as soon as it gets here :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving goodness

We celebrated our Thanksgiving on Black Friday this year. My dear husband had to work at the hospital on Thanksgiving. (Appreciate your nurses, doctors, police, fire fighters, military and anyone else who doesn't have holidays off folks!) My wonderful mother in law takes a cooking class once a month in the town we are from and we benefit from her culinary experience because she sends me all the recipes! Every month I get a packet of recipes in the mail from her class. It's usually a soup/salad/appetizer, a main course, sides, and a dessert. All of which are WONDERFUL. I keep trying to take a class with her when I'm home visiting but it just never works out for one reason or another. Anyway this year she sent us the recipe for Beef Wellington knowing that we'd be doing something extra special for Thanksgiving. They were beyond good seriously....anywho here's some recipes and some pictures for your dining pleasure and such!

Grilled Caesar salad
Sounds weird huh? I thought so too, but I saw the Neely's make this on the food network and thought it'd be something different to try. It was pretty darn good and here's the link to the recipe.

Jamey doesn't like turkey or ham so our main course was Beef Wellingtons with mushrooms and gorgonzola cheese and a side of roasted carrots. Wonderful...melt in your mouth goodness! It has a recipe for a sauce and I didn't make it. They didn't need it either they were so good. Jamey already told me that he wants these again for Christmas when his folks come in and Alyssa ate a massive amount herself. Our 4 year old has really expensive taste. One day she'll be a really expensive date for some poor fellow.

8 -1 1/2 inch thick center cut filets mignons (about 5-6 ounces each)
8 large mushrooms (about half pound total)
2 Tbs unsalted butter
2 Tbs finely chopped shallot
2 Tbs minced garlic
1-2 large eggs, beaten(this will be wash)
2 puff pastry sheets (one package frozen puff pastry), thawed (thaw 45 mins. at room temp. on parchment paper folded, but unfold when it is easy to do so during the thawing process.
8 slices Gorgonzola cheese (about 4 oz.), cut butter pats (2 per bundle)

For sauce:
1 Tbs veal or beef demiglace
2 Tbs Madeira
1 can Campbell's Beef Consomme (reserve 1 Tbs to mix with arrowroot or use water)
1 Tbs arrowroot (or other thickening agent)

Pat filet mignons dry and season with salt and pepper, and ,if , desired Montreal Steak seasoning. In a large saute pan(nonstick), brown the meat 2 mins. on both sides and then do the sides for about 1 min. so that the entire surface is seared. Remove to a platter and cool(filets will be baked again after being wrapped in pastry). Chill filets in refrigerator, covered, until cold, about 1 hour at least.
Thinly slice mushrooms and half them again. In a skillet or saute pan, cook in butter with shallot, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste over moderate, stirring, until mushrooms are lightly browned and softened. Transfer mushroom mixture to a bowl to cool completely.. In a small bowl lightly beat egg to make an egg wash. 1 egg may be enough to coat all the pastry, but 2 may be needed.
On a lightly floured surface roll out puff pastry sheet into a 14 inch square. Trim edges to form at least a 13 inch square and cut square into four equal squares. Lay individually on lightly on lightly floured parchment paper. Repeat with the other sheet if making 8. Save trimmings to roll out if you wish to cut out decorative shapes for garnish, or plan to use another sheet for your cutouts.
Remove beef filets from the refrigerator and lightly pat with paper towels. Prepare a non-stick baking pan by lining with parchment paper, or use a pan with a non-stick rack.
Put 1-2 pats pf gorgonzola in the center of 1 square and top with 1/8 mushroom mixture. Top mushroom mixture with a filet mignon, pressing it down gently, and wrap 2 opposite corners of puff pastry over filet, overlapping them and sealing them with some of the egg wash with your finger. Then wrap remaining 2 corners of pastry over filet and seal in same manner. Seal any gaps with egg wash and press pastry around filet to enclose completely. Arrange Beef Wellington bundles, seam side down on a non-stick baking pan lined with parchment paper and place Beef bundles on rack. Make 7 more bundles.Chill 1 hour up to 1 day.
Chill remaining egg wash for brushing on pastry just before baking. Remove bundles from frig to bake. Preheat oven to 425.
Brush top and sides of each bundle with remaining egg wash and bake 20-22 minutes, pastry should be golden. Remove from oven and allow to sit 3-5 minutes, uncovered
Make sauce while bundles are baking. Bring beef consomme(minus 1 Tbs) to gentle boil. Add the demiglace, whisking to blend and dissolve. When it's dissolved, lower heat to low and the Madeira, whisking 1 minute. Then add arrowroot and whisk. Can thicken with more arrowroot. Keep warm.
Serve bundles with sauce.

I guess since this is my Thanksgiving post I'll tell you what I'm thankful for. I'm so thankful for my wonderful, kind husband (even though he wouldn't press my call bell for me when I was in labor). I'm so grateful that he loves me despite all my whining and complaining. That he loves me just how I am, including the 50 lbs I've packed on since he married me in 2003 (more to love folks, more to love!). I'm so happy to be raising two wonderful, sweet little girls with him. I'm thankful for those little girls who make every single day more exciting (including when I'm dragging them through the grocery store whilst they are kicking and screaming and crying for candy). I'm thankful for their sloppy kisses and super tight hugs and beautiful smiles. I'm thankful for my family. Parents who love me and are always there for me and who helped shape me into the wonderfulness that you see before you today :) and siblings who grew up to be my best friends. A sister who I talk to at least twice a day everyday on the phone and who is truly my very best friend. Brother's who always make me laugh. I'm thankful for all my many friends all over the country and my friends who are "home grown" Thankful for the love and the support they always show our family. I'm thankful for my furry critters who drive me crazy with the cat hair and the yapping but who we adore! I'm just so thankful for all the many, many things in my life!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Ever have a moment where you look at your life and think to yourself I'm really truly happy in this moment?

This would be one of those moments.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Somethings just don't work out like we plan....

Such as our attempt at a family picture today.....3 of us are in it and it looks pretty good.....
And was our 4 year olds response to participating in the photo...

Yep that pretty much says what she thinks about that....I'm actually so amused by this photo that I might frame it! It's HYSTERICAL!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here at last!

We are so happy to announce that on October 7th at 8:45 am, Miss Amelia Belle made her debut into the world! She was 7 lbs 7 ounces and 20 inches long. We had a schedule induction for October 13th, but life had other plans for us and we ended up being induced early because I developed severe preeclamsia and my placenta started to abrupt. My husband jokes that all the OB stuff we promptly forgot after nursing school came back during my delivery. We are very, very lucky that the delivery went as smoothly as it did. As much as I have hated my prenatal care, the military hospital did a wonderful job in the delivery/postpartum area. My nurses were incredible. I can't say enough good about them, particularly Kate and LaShonda. Amelia had a hard time with her blood sugars after birth due to my gestational diabetes and there were several mentions of her going to the NICU for a stay to regulate her with IV medication. LaShonda worked so hard to help me get her sugars stable until she started regulating herself and I'm so very grateful for her help, hard work, patience and support as this new mama cried and cried while trying to force feed her hours old new baby.

My husband is a calm, cool and collected fellow and he was awesome during my hospital stay. He was also hysterical. He tried to give me a phone call while I was pushing....Captain Inappropriate?? He says he was joking but I don't know about that...He gave me a good story to tell though for years to come. He has been a super proud papa and he went up to work today and handed out "It's a Girl" cigars. He loves his girls that's for sure.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few days. Pictures of me are absent because I look like I got hit by a truck!!! I didn't get that many pictures at the hospital but I wasn't quite up to it for a while!

Grand entrance:
This was Alyssa's first meeting with her baby sister. She was so excited!!!
How sweet is this? This is my new favorite picture.
And how happy is that little face???
It's been fun being home! Alyssa played school with Amelia yesterday and she put her in her class. She fits right in huh?? I think that this is so adorable!!!
And this is a good picture of Amelia. She's just so precious. We can't decide if she looks like me or Jamey but she's beautiful! I feel so super blessed to have her here happy, healthy and whole AND I'm so glad that I'm no longer pregnant!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A room fit for a Big Sister and a LIttle Sister!

It was really important to me to redo Alyssa's room while I was making the bedding for the nursery. I didn't want to make my Big Girl feel left out that mama was busy doing stuff for the baby and not her. It was a lot of work doing both rooms and at times I felt like I was a little nuts for deciding to take both on, but I'm glad I did. I get a lot of pride looking at both girls rooms and knowing that I put all that work into making their little spaces in our home their very own. Here is my sweet Peanut Butter's "Big Sister" room done up in her favorite color PINK! I got her quilt back last week from the long arm quilter and I finished binding it this morning. My friend Benita painted the letters for both Alyssa and Amelia's rooms, and she did such a fantastic job! I still need to finish up the pillow sham for Alyssa's bed, but since Amelia is putting in an appearance any day now I don't think that I am going to get it finished quite yet. It'll just have to be on my project to do list. She has pretty pink curtains and a fluffy new rug and she thinks her room is "really amazing."
This is Amelia's "Little Sister" room. I think it looks pretty good as well. My husband thinks it's funny that we have one room that is so very Pink and the other is so Blue! I like blue and so I figured it's my one and only chance to have a pretty blue nursery. Everyone thought it would look like a boys room, but I don't think that it does. I'm just looking forward to getting my new little girl in her room and us all settling into a family of 4! I makes my heart so happy to be able to do this for my girls! I hope one day I can do it for their girls (or boys! I'd be ok with grandboys as well!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My girl's quilts

Almost finished! I just need to finish binding them and they will be ready to grace my lovely little ladies beds! I pieced the tops but both were quilted for me. Amelia's quilt was quilted by one of my mother in laws coworkers. She did such an amazing job! She is going to add Amelia's name and date of birth when she arrives! I'm pretty proud of how both quilts turned out and I hope the girls cherish them for years and years to come!

This is Alyssa's pinwheel quilt. I used a local long arm quilter to quilt hers. She did a great job! I just need to finish attaching my binding. Alyssa LOVES her quilt. She says that it's "super cozy" and she loves that it's super pink!

And this is Miss Amelia's. My mother in laws coworker offered to quilt it for me and she out did herself on it! It came in the mail just yesterday! I need to cut it down/trim it up and attach the binding to it as well. I'm just so happy with how it turned out. She put bunnies in the border and she is going to get it back after Amelia arrives and put her name and date of birth in the top border. I can't wait to get it finished up, but I'm not sure if it will happen before she gets here since I'm being induced on the 13th!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY "Udder Cover"

I actually made this for my incredibly beautiful, wonderfully pregnant life long friend, Clarissa (but now I want to make one for myself as well!). I found a online tutorial and tried it out. This was my first attempt and I am super pleased with the result. Hopefully Clarissa will be as well! Here's the tutorial that I used to make my own homemade "Udder Cover." It's much cheaper to make your own and I actually like this one better because it's a little longer and wider than the name brand version that cost a lot more.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dancing in the rain and other household happenings

The last couple of days it has actually rained here! This is exciting since we have been (and still are) on water restrictions for months now. My child LOVES to play in the rain. I always let her and join her a lot of the time as long as it's not lightening out. I might be slightly nutty and run around in the rain with my 4 year old, but I'm safe and she knows if it's lightening out in the house we go! She was so excited that it was raining Friday afternoon that she immediately darted out and started spinning around in it. I didn't get any awesome pictures like I had dreamed up in my mind but I was trying to keep the camera from getting soaked! One of the many reasons I so love being a mom is moments like these. Those gentle reminders that life's greatest joys are completely uncomplicated and don't cost a thing. I hope one day when she's grown she'll remember playing in the rain with mama and allow her kids the same simple pleasures.
She looks like a drowned rat here!
And in other happenings we had a kitten "find" us. Said kitten was hiding under my car Friday morning when we headed out to school. So far we have been unsuccessful and finding his home or finding him a new permanent home. With our current menagerie of critters we do not want to keep this little guy so we just have to keep working on it. (I say WE, but really it's me. Alyssa and her daddy see no reason why we can't keep him) Alyssa of course is IN LOVE with the kitten. He's her constant little companion. A sweeter natured little cat I have never met. He's happy to let her do just about whatever she wants to him and still comes to her when she calls him. Our animals all have the silliest names (Freya, Guinevere and Desdemona) and with no exception Jamey and Alyssa named kitty "Orr." Pretty stupid name for a cat but oh well Desdemona is pretty stupid name for a dog. Apparently it's a shortened 'cooler' form of Oreo. I told my dear, big hearted, animal loving husband just because he named him doesn't mean he can keep him.
He is ridiculously adorable isn't he???

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making use of nap time...freezer cooking!

Countdown to baby Amelia's arrival is on! She'll be making her appearance before we know it! I'm nervous, excited, emotional and a whole slew of other emotions about it! This week I think I have burst out crying at least 3 times randomly weird. I still am a little in shock that we are going to be bringing home another sweet baby! It's just not something we ever thought would happen! I've also become slightly absorbed in how our house will run after she arrives! I've been setting up all our bills for automatic draft, organizing the weirdest things, and have become completely obsessed with stocking the freezer with healthy meals for post baby time. Jamey thinks I'm completely insane, but he'll be very glad when he's eating what he typically eats for dinner every night and not eating Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches or McDonalds! We had a baby before but we didn't have the 4 year old at the time, so I've been so worried about how having a infant will affect her schedule and want to make everything as streamlined as possible for her.

All that being said I love this whole freezer cooking concept!!! I follow a couple of blogs that do a lot of freezer cooking (Money Saving Mom and Once a Month Mom) and have for a while but haven't ever really tried out freezer cooking for myself. It seemed like too much work. It's been super easy! I basically double whatever I'm making and freeze 1/2. It's required very little extra work than cooking dinner nightly. I did take advantage of Alyssa's long nap today (Nap time rocks. I've so missed her napping daily!!!) to throw the above together. It took me about an hour from start to finish to get it all chopped, layered, mixed, labeled and wrapped up. I just need to load the dishwasher and wipe off the counters and I'm finished with 4 meals! I have about 2 weeks worth of meals in the freezer now and I'll add 2 of the 4 meals pictured above to the "stock" today (One is actually dinner tonight and the one is dinner on Thursday). I have a couple more meals to add and then I'm stocked up and ready for "Post Baby madness" (Well at least we will eat anyway! I'm sure the madness will happen anyway!). Jamey can't cook but he can reheat like a pro!

Here are the links to the recipes pictured above in the event you want to try it out! Both are from Once A Month Mom's blog. She has TONS of recipes and they all look pretty tasty! She also does Gluten free, vegan, and diet recipes. I found a recipe for Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins that I would LOVE to make (and eat!!!) as well!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Can it please be a holiday already???

That's the general feel at our house this week! All week long my cute little blue eyed wonder child has begged to put up the Christmas tree or go trick or treating! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! At least 20 times a day she's asked about the Christmas tree. She has a whole list of reasons that we really SHOULD go ahead and put it up (and just so everyone knows I HATE the Christmas tree. It's a big pain in my butt from the minute it goes up until I happily rip it down the day after Christmas). It's been somewhat amusing and somewhat annoying...We told her that we had to have Halloween prior to Christmas and then we moved into "Let's go trick or treating tonight???" mode. She would LOVE to make a gingerbread house. Gingerbread houses are a tradition in our home dating back to before she was born. Jamey and I have made one every Christmas since we have been married. He loves them (He's as big a kid as she is I believe)! Today I went shopping at Target while she was at school and I picked up what I hope will satisfy her desire for all things holiday, a kit to make "Spooky cupcakes." I told her dad that'd we'd make a "Haunted Gingerbread house" closer to Halloween.

The "Spooky Cupcakes" were a hit, and best yet she has friends coming over tomorrow morning for a playdate so she gets to share her creatures with her friends after lunch. The $6 I spent on the kit was totally worth it. She loved helping mix them up and then decorate them this afternoon. She also ate quite a bit of the icing and the batter and the candy now she's pretty bright eyed and sugar infused! Here are a few picture of my little monster with her creations! She's very "Spooky" isn't she (and adorable!!!)???

Monday, August 29, 2011

Link that I found pretty good....

Thought I would share. I'm going to try to implement some of these ideas in my own life.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jamey's new hobby

I've been encouraging Jamey to get a hobby that he enjoys. I sew, cook and quilt and love my little hobbies and I want him to have the same. He does run, read and play video games but I want him to have something that he really enjoys. So he's decided to take up beer making! I was thinking more like wood working, but hey I'm not complaining! He got a Mr. Beer kit for his birthday and tonight he and his girl mixed up the first batch of homebrew! Mr. Beer is a beginner kit so perfect for where he is now. He's already researching "what's new" though. Here are a few pictures of he and Alyssa mixing their beer up. She enjoyed helping her Daddy and he enjoyed her helping! It's a family hobby since I have to get everything ready and do clean up!!
The official "mixer"
Adding the mix
And the yeast! It'll sit up for a couple of weeks and then he'll bottle it up and it'll sit for a while longer before he can actually try it out.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Work Baby Shower

My sweet coworkers hosted a baby shower for us pregnant gals at work Thursday. There are 3 of us that are due right about the same time so it was a joint shower. It was such a nice shower and we got lots of adorable things for the baby. Here are a few pictures from the shower.

This is the cake. My coworker Maria's mother in law made this. She did such a beautiful job. Mary and Vanessa are having boys and so the bottom tier had two little boys for their little guys, and the top was for my girl.
Vanessa made these ADORABLE diaper motorcycles!!! So cute!
And here's my pregnant self! Alyssa helped me open all the presents!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Growing up too quickly for mama!

I can't believe how quickly my 'baby' has grown up. I now understand why my father-in-law still introduces my 36 year old husband as "My baby boy." My little sweetie is growing up too fast for her mama! She'll always be that 5 lb 6 ounce baby that I brought home from the hospital over 4 years ago no matter how big she gets. This week she transitioned from her little purple tricycle to a princess pink big girl bike. We took her to the park so she could practice riding around and she did such a good job. By the end of our trip there she was zooming all over the concrete loudly pronouncing that she was "the fastest kid eva!" Our trip around the neighborhood with the "mountains," as she referred to the few hills, wasn't quite as good. Little bit does like to be pushed and anytime she had to really work at the pedals she just asked if I'd push her up "the mountain." With a little practice she'll be zooming all over the neighborhood with her mama and papa.

Here is her posing with her new bike. She's had the helmet for a while for rides on our bikes but it matched her bike perfectly and that made her extra happy!
And this picture just cause I like it and want to share it. She's gorgeous (ok I'm biased but she is)!! We had a crocodile hunt after her bike practice. The park here is by a creek and so we ran around down there in search of the crocodiles. She kept consulting the birds in the trees about where they were hiding. It was pretty adorable, but her daddy said he thinks she's been watching too many Disney movies!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 36th Birthday Daddy!

We celebrated Jamey's 36th birthday yesterday! Alyssa was so proud of herself! She helped make his birthday special by helping make and ice his birthday cupcakes. My little sweetie is such a big helper in the kitchen! She did add a little extra vanilla (oops...) but they turned out very tasty regardless! He wanted chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing and so that's what she and I made. She put them on the cake stand and put the candles in all by herself! He said it was the best birthday present she could have given him.

I can't believe he's 36! We started dating when he was 25! Here are a couple of pictures from his birthday celebration.

She did such a good job didn't she???

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All for the love of grand-gals

My in-laws are great. I know I've mentioned that before but it's worth repeating. They also ADORE their grandchildren and are the best grandparents that our girls could ask for. They are so enamored of our kiddos that Pop built this play yard in their backyard for when the girls get in for a visit every year. I know they wish we were a lot closer than the 16 hours that seperates us now. It's a pretty awesome play yard. My husband is super jealous! He said he would have loved this as a kid! It has a awesome slide, 2 swings, a trapeze, a zip line and as soon as Pop finishes it it will have a rock climbing wall as well. He's been finishing it up as we have been here this past week and everyday Alyssa monitors his progress!
As you can tell the Zip line was an instant hit with the grand-gal
And this is the best picture ever!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun with Marky and Clarissa

We got to play with Mark and Clarissa today! It was such fun and the kids had a ball swimming in the pool! Clarissa and I got to do our "belly pic." Clarissa is my oldest and dearest friend and we are having our 2nd children days apart. Our oldest are about 8 months apart. I couldn't be happier for she and her family! Here are a couple of pictures from our play date.
I'm about 26 weeks here and Clarissa is about 25. (oh how I wish I was as cute as she is!!!)
And these 2 pictures are from our "attempt" at getting a picture of the 4 of us together! They are pretty cute if not terrible fantastic! But all 4 of us managed to get in them so they will do!
And we look like poo because Clarissa and I have this TERRIBLE tendency to get pictures at the end of an event! Today was the pool so we aren't looking our hottest!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Amelia's Baby shower

Today we had my baby shower for Miss Amelia! It was such a fun and super laid back shower! I so enjoyed it! My mother in law and my sister planned it, and I am so super thankful! We had it at the pool on Monte Sano. My in-laws are members there and it's beautiful! We tried to "keep it small" since it was my second baby, but it still ended up being a huge crowd. The kids got to swim briefly before it rained us out! I got lots of goodies and got to catch up with all my friends and see all their little ones! Here are a few pictures. I didn't get near enough! I meant to get pictures with several of my friends but it didn't happen!
This is my sister, Manda. She's my very closest friend. I'm so glad that I'm having another girl because she'll have a sister and I adore mine so much that I can't think of a better gift for my girls. I hope they will be as close as Manda and I are one day.
Presents :)
This is my friend Wendy. Wendy and I went to high school together and we both took a while to get pregnant. It has been wonderful being pregnant together! Our cell phones are constantly dinging with pregnancy related questions and complaints and baby belly pic comparisons! It's been so fun and I'm glad we will have Amelia and Keegan so close together! I'm looking forward to them meeting next year when we get in for a visit!
And this BEAUTIFUL pregnant gal is my friend Clarissa. Clarissa is 2 weeks older together and I have literally known and loved her since utero! Our mother's were pregnant together and Clarissa is my oldest and one of my dearest friends. She's having her second child (a little girl) about a week after I'm having mine! I feel blessed that we get to have this experience together! She makes a FAR cuter pregnant girl that I do!

And this is an adorable gaggle of girly goodness! It rained at the shower and couldn't swim so they resorted to running out in the rain and squealing! It was hysterical and adorable!!!