Saturday, January 8, 2011

Girl's Night Out--Painting with a Twist

Our New Year's Eve party spurred a Girl's Night out! I heard about Painting with a Twist and have been wanting to go there for a little while now. (For my Huntsville, AL friends there is a similar place called My Spirited Art there) It just seemed like such a fun something to do. I am no artist by any means, but it looked like so much fun that I was dying to try it! Maria mentioned it at the party and that's all it took for us to decide that we totally needed to go! And off we went for a fun filled night filled with lots of laughter, a lot of paint and ended up with four gorgeous paintings made by all of us and some hysterical laughter in the car ride home thanks to Jude's hysterical story telling! Here are a few pictures from our little "Painting with a Twist" adventure! We are planning on going again in Feb! It was absolutely the best girls night out!
Here is a closer look at our masterpieces! I think they are all gorgeous! Jude pointed out that somehow our pictures turned out a lot like our personalities and I tend to agree...even though Maria had a little Bok Choy and I had some Pac Man going on in our paintings for a bit! We "Smudgied" (That would be a technical painting term I made up!) 'um a little and fixed them up!
Mine! I like it! Jamey was impressed he thought it actually looked a little bit like Starry Night. He was sort of expecting me to bring home something that resembled a complete disaster.
Me and Terry. She's become a really great friend over the past year. She's my crafty friend who is WAY more creative than me.
Jude and Maria!
And thus concludes a fantastic girls night out! And just in case you want to go yourself here is their website

And the word of the day:
Smudg-y /ˈsmʌdʒi/ Show Spelled
[smuhj-ee] Show IPA

–adjective, smudg·i·er, smudg·i·est.
1. marked with smudges; smeared; smeary.
2. emitting a stifling smoke; smoky.
3. British Dialect . humid; sweltering; sultry.

Thank you Terry :)


Lauren said...

oh how pretty Angie... looks like ya'll had a good time. So much fun being creative isn't it!