Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's official I'm a mom...I spent Saturday afternoon doing this...

Once upon a time my Saturday's were filled with shopping, partying, long phone conversations, laying by the pool, dates and I make chore charts with a small person! I'm happy to be doing it. Truly, truly, blissfully glad that I get to spend the day with Alyssa making things that I hope will improve our routines (Daddy helped as well, it's a family activity). I can't believe that she's old enough for a chore chart....where did the time go?

We have been struggling lately with "princess syndrome." The definition of "Princess Syndrome" would be that our "princess" believes she entitled to everything, should get everything, and should never do anything other than lounge in the chair, watch princess movies and order around her subjects (otherwise known as Mommy and Daddy) whilst sipping on chocolate milk and snacking on cherry tomatoes. Said syndrome results in massive trantrums, throwing oneself on the floor, kicking, screaming, occasional spitting, crying, sobbing, slobbering, theatrics, fainting dramatically while you pretend you can't hear your nagging subjects, pleading with the non-nagging parent...ok you get the idea, this could go on a while!!! It's a syndrome that we created, but it has created a monster. A beautiful, happy little monster but a little monster....I kid really I do (other than the fainting...that parts very true). She's not that bad, but it's time that she started helping with a few things around the house. I hope to teach her responsibility. I had it, it's good for her, it can't hurt her, and you are never to young to start learning it. Daddy and I sat down and thought up some things that she likes to help with, i.e feeding our furry critters, helping me load and unload the dishwasher, and some things that she would rather die than do i.e brushing her teeth (yes gross I know...but truly it's a constant struggle), picking up her toys and going to bed minus the drama and turned it into a delightful chart for her to use. Alyssa got to help with the construction. We took her to Hobby Lobby today and she helped pick out all the things that we would use for her chore chart. She got to pick out the colors and she thought that was awesome. She cut out the pieces, glued on the pictures and attached the velco for us. Tomorrow she and I will decorate the jars that hold the pieces for our chart and she's looking forward to that.
She's a cute little monster huh? And she loves her mom, her shirt says so :)
And thus you have it: THE CHART.......insert dramatic music
And should you desire a chore chart for you own happy home here is how ours works. Each day she has 5 chores. She gets to put a blue dot (ok my dots are misshappen little blobs, but I was too lazy to make it looks fantastic!) on the chart for each chore that she completes that day. The green dots are BONUS dots. She can earn those for extra special behavior, doing extra things to help, good behavior at the store (again Princess Syndrome sorta comes out at the store on a regular basis. Our last "flare-up" lead to a Princess laying facedown in the aisle crying dramatically for marshmallows. Old people look at me disdainfully, fellow mother's look at me with pity and understanding...and teenagers snicker). At the end of every day she counts her dots and she gets to put a little purple fluff ball (for blue dots) or a pink fluff ball (for green dots) in a special bowl. (This is a counting exercise for her, she counts her dots and she counts out her fluffs, thus the extra step in my method of madness). At the end of the week she counts all her fluffs and she gets a nickel for each purple fluff and a quarter for each pink fluff. She can potentially earn $3.50/week for her chores. Pretty awesome right??? That is $182/year for a 3 1/2 year old!!!!!! (I think I got a quarter a week) She gets to take a trip to the Dollar Tree and spend her earnings or save up for something nice.

I'm happy to report that at the end of day one Alyssa completed all 5 of her chores (including brushing her teeth...this is huge folks...HUGE!), went to bed with minimal whining (HUGE) and now sleeps happily knowing that 5 purple fluffs are resting in her little bowl. (She instructed me that I am not to remove her fluffs while she's asleep...she'll know and will count 'um when she wakes up!)

I shall now amend my title "It's official I'm a DORKY mom....I spent Saturday afternoon doing this...."

Happy Chores.....we hope!!!!


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Looks great! Great job