Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Goals and accomplishments and whatever else I rambled on about.....

I officially feel like time is flying by. I guess that's a clue that you are getting older right? 2010 just started it seems and now it's 2011! We had several friends and their families over and had a wonderful New Years Eve party. We had 14 kids here ranging in ages from 15 to 4 months! It was a lot of fun. We had sparklers and made s'mores (which is the worlds most perfect food in my opinion just so you know...), silly string and noise makers. The kids ran and ran and played and played and Alyssa slept until the late late hour of 9 am (GASP!). That never happens in our house! She's always up right about 7 wanting her milk and to rock in the chair.

I had a really good 2010. I have no complaints at all. I love my little family and the life that we have built together. My husband is wonderful and he adores everything about me. Including the extra dimples that 2010 added to my I accomplished a lot this last year. I made several new friends and aquired new skills. I learned to sew which I'm very proud of and have made some quilts this past year (4 in total!). I have continued to raise a really remarkable young lady who brings me a tremendous amount of joy.

In 2011 I have a few goals. This year at our party my husband had everyone write down something they wanted to change or improve upon on a slip of paper and then cast that paper into the fire. Sort of a symbolic thing and the kids all really liked the idea. Of couse I asked the 3 year olds what they put on their paper and Alyssa put a cloud on hers, Kaci put a tree on hers and Sebastian put a dinosaur on his, cute huh? On my slip I wrote that I wanted to be a better wife and mother. Not that I don't think I'm good at this now, but always you can improve. I have a few other goals as well. I'd like to learn something new this year. Just like sewing last year. I would like to learn something new to add to my list of life accomplishments. Pretty simple goals for 2011. I feel confident that I can achieve them! Hope 2011 brings all of you lots of happiness!


Clarissa said...

I had just gotten on here to post my 2011 goals, too and saw yours. I think those are fantastic goals. I am still very envious of your quilting abilities! Glad you guys had a fun party!