Thursday, February 3, 2011


Last week we went on a Royal Carribean cruise with your good friends the Renaud's. It was so much fun I don't even know where to start! Completely relaxing, totally enjoyable and definetely worth doing again! Our family doesn't really take such big vacations usually, but this was a exception and well worth the expense! Mike and Ali invited us to accompany them on this trip which was Mike's "welcome back from Afghanistan" trip. He just got back a few days before Christmas. We ported in Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize and Cozumel, Mexico. Mexico was by far our favorite port. We visited Passion Island while we were there and it was so beautiful!!! Overall I very enjoyable vacation! But now we are home and back to reality! No endless food and back to doing dishes!! Can I go back??? haha! Hope you enjoy thie pictues. They are in no particular order just a few of the ones that I liked best!
Taken in Honduras at the resort we visited.
Ali and I with a sleeping Alyssa between us on the beach in Mexico.
In Honduras after too much fun in the sun. She fell asleep sitting up and missed seeing the monkeys because we couldn't wake her up! She slept almost 4 hours when we got back to the ship!!
Passion Island (or Isla Pasion for those of you that habla) Gorgeous huh?
Jamey having a little to much fun at Senor Frog....ok we ALL had to much fun there!
Sunrise in Mexico. Taken from our balcony on the ship....SO pretty! I have some of the sunset that same day but I haven't edited them just yet.
Alyssa in Mexico. She got her hair braided in Honduras! I can't believe she sat still that long!!! But she did! My mom says that she looks like Bo Derek in the movie "10" here!
Again in Mexico! She loved the beach there. The beach in Honduras was very crowded so she didn't have nearly as much freedom to run about!
Honduras in the hammock swing. I love this photo of her. She just looks so darn gorgeous!
Alyssa and Teegan. This is our friends Ali and Mike's daughter. Alyssa ADORES her. She also calls her "Tea-GAAAAN" sounds very southern!!!
And no blog would be complete without a funny face a la Lyssa!!