Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feelings Unit from Tots school

So I am super, super excited! Next week Alyssa and I will be doing a Feelings unit that I got from this site and I have been asked to do a guest blog on my cousin's blog about the unit after we complete it. (She's also preschooling her 2 year old at home and has some pretty good ideas for crafts, counting ect. Her blog is and she has a bunch of good ideas for fun/cheap activities with the developing young un. She's also craftier than myself and she's good at reusing materials to make games.

I printed all my stuff out tonight and I'm ready to get it all ready so next Monday morning we can get started. Today we went to Storytime at the library on post and had a wonderful time! We got to read some cute Valentine's books and we also got to make some v-day crafts and play with some friends. I'm planning on making storytime part of our biweekly routine. Tomorrow we are doing this little M&M counting chart! Don't you love all my links tonight?