Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally Finished--Jamey's Quilt!!

In October I started my husbands "Ugly Shirt" quilt. Said quilt is exactly that, it's a quilt made out of his old ugly shirts and some old military uniforms as well. Here is the link to the original post that I did about his quilt.

I hand quilt my quilts so they take me quite a while, but I feel like the effort is worth it when I see the end result and I enjoy knowing that every stitch in the quilting process I put in myself (as irregular and as imperfect as they are). Jamey's quilt ended up being a little extra special because I did a good bit of the quilting on it while I was at the hospital in November caring for my father. It helped keep my mind and hands occupied when he didn't need me, and it gave my dad something to fuss at me about (I can't do it as well as he would you know! My grandmother was also a quilter.) Jamey is so happy that it's finally finished and I'm sort of sad that I am finished working on it! Never fear I have another quilting project about to daughters! I'm redoing her entire bedroom and I'm doing it all myself. Purchased the material yesterday and can't wait to get started cutting into it! Have I mentioned that I love quilting?

Here are a few pictures of our little princess with what could possibly be....the world's ugliest quilt!! He says within a year he thinks she'll take it over and he'd be ok with that.

I did actually go out in public with him while he wore each and every shirt on this quilt! (Military camo's with Hawaiian shirts and all!) The black and Hawaiian shirt that serves as a border on the top and bottom he actually wore on our first real date in 2000!