Friday, February 25, 2011

Just a girl and her dog

Alyssa and I have been walking the dog everyday lately. Desi HATES being walked. She's gotten to be about the laziest little doggie ever in the last couple of years. She is about 7 1/2 now so I guess she's slowing down. She used to run 5 miles with Jamey most everyday now she's happy to just perch up on the back of the couch and nap all day long with occasional trips to the food bowl and outside to pee. Jamey's been on night shift lately and that makes a super happy Desi. She lays about in the bed all night with me and then when Jamey gets home she gets to hop back in and snuggle all day with him. Alyssa loves walking Desi. I don't know how much exercise it is for me because a block takes us about an hour with all the stopping the examine rocks, flowers, dog poo and sticks that Alyssa does, but it's enjoyable and we all like the time outdoors. It's been really nice here lately. In the 60's and 70's for the last week or more. We have loved all the time at the park and in the yard. I took the camera along earlier this week and I got a couple of what I think are adorable pictures of her and her doggie.