Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Letters and Shapes

This week we are working on letters and shapes. Alyssa has been enjoying it a lot so far! I found this little dry erase pad at Target for $6.99 and it's been a hit. It has numbers, letters and shapes so it's pretty versatile. Alyssa is doing very well tracing her letters and she's mastered the letter A! Upper and lowercase. I've been emphasizing the letters in her name lately in an attempt to teach her to write her name. Since A's have appeared on the walls in the house I figure she's got that down...(not thrilled she's writing on the walls, but hey that's what Mr. Clean magic erasers are for!!! I should buy stock!)
Here she is tracing her letters. The intensity!! She can write her Aa's and her Ll's pretty well. She has a little trouble with the concept of connecting the A at the top but she's really improving a lot.
I found this exercise for shapes and thought it was pretty neat. She really enjoyed it and spent quite a while focusing on this activity. I gathered up some cookie cutters and a few of her toys for her to trace. I laid out an assortment of different colored markers for her to use and let her trace each of the objects onto a sheet of paper.
She liked the hearts and the "cookie-man" best.
After she finished tracing the shapes she then matched the different objects to the tracings and told me what shape she had made. We also threw in a little counting and she counted how many hearts, stars, circles, squares and cookie-men that she had traced. A super easy/cost effective activity that was a big hit. I might let her practice her cutting by reintroducing this activity next week and let her cut out the shapes instead of matching.
I also found a super cool blog that I wanted to share. I'm going to start using some of their ideas/units next week. They are definetely more creative than I am and I love some of their ideas and they have free downloads! Awesome huh? I thought so too! Here is the link if you want to check it out!

Now to get ready for work! I'm working 2-10pm this evening!


Lauren said...

Looks like she had a great time with the shapes! I love these pictures and the composition you got! They are all so creative!! And she is creative just like you too! ;)