Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My not so great, very bad mom day....

Today has been quite a day...and since it's 4 pm...I'm so sad to say that it's hardly over. Ever have one of those days where you just sigh and wonder what else can go wrong? I'm a Stay at Home mom about most of the time, the the rest of the time I do work in a small hospital a few shifts a month. Occasionally I wonder if working full time would be easier...Today started off by my sweet, precious one arising at 6 am in a deplorably bad, demanding mood. I think we had "cup throwage" and crying about 5 minutes after arising. I was sick yesterday and missed my chance to grocery shop while said precious one was with her dad. So today we had to hit the grocery store, with mom not feeling quite 100% and itty bitty being well sorta less than good. Precious child of my heart was tremendously awful. Yes awful...Running circles around me, slinging stuff off the sleeves, crying, name it she did it. Ever read "Llama Llama mad at mama?" Picture that minus the sweet patient mama at the end. 2 trips to have a "talk" in the bathroom and several disdainful looks from elderly people at the commissary later we finally left. I shop 2 weeks at a time thank the good lord above so that's over for a bit.

Precious one has spent 90% of her day today harassing the cat. Poor fat Gwen is actually too sweet and lazy to run from her harasser and just lays there and looks pitifully at us. 2 trips to the corner and another "talk" and my sweet one has finally left the kitty alone (for now...I'm on to her now....). Is it sad that I wish that Gwen would claw her good just once so she'd leave her alone? It's awful, awful of me I know....but its the same story most days with the poor cat. I think poor Gwen liked our home better when it was childless.

I have accomplished very little today. We did manage to have our tot school and a trip to the library (with minimal screaming, running or fit throwing) after grocery shopping. I do however have a mountain of laundry, something growing the in the downstairs commode that I can't identify and a den that looks like the toy box exploded. I do however not care at the moment. So here's to a better day tomorrow!!


TheCramblits said...

Oh how our two are so much alike! We too have talks daily about how to treat a cat "nicely". Casen loves to torment our cat! Sorry the shopping trip didn't go to say the least, I know! You are doing a great job! Hope tomorrow is better!
Oh and I like to just say that they have a "big personality!"

Lauren said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one Angie! We have had a time lately too....I'm oretty sure Grayson is teething with some new teeth coming in further in the back and it just really makes him (and me) so irritable. But we just do the best that we can. Hoping your night tonight is better!