Monday, February 21, 2011

Peanut Butter is gonna be a big sister!

She's cute huh? I know! I'm super excited to announce that we are expecting a Baby! We just found out and are due sometime in October. We are super surprised, super happy and a little nervous all at once! Long ago I nicknamed Alyssa "Peanut Butter." It's sort of a odd nickname for a tot but I call her that all the time. She thinks it's funny, and so she and I started calling baby "Jelly." Seemed totally appropriate. Jamey's excited but very nervous! He's even doing housework. I think he's afraid I'll hurt myself!

Alyssa when I asked her to talk to the baby in mama's belly:
Eye roll.....pulls up my shirt "Uh you can't talk to the baby through your shirt" Huffs and walks off. I almost died laughing.

Last year Alyssa was being pretty difficult at school, which was unusual for her and one of her teachers asked me if we were expecting. I wasn't but she explained that there is a Mexican wives tale that when a older child is acting difficult, having unusually bad behavior or being abnormally clingly that the mother is expecting another baby. All week last week Alyssa was difficult, having accidents and crying and clinging to me anytime that I left the house, so I'd have to say that I believe this wives tale!
It's a happy day at our house! We get news of a move and a baby all in one week! Hopefully we don't get anymore news anytime soon! I am not sure we could stand it!!


Rebecca Setzer Schroeder said...

I am soooo stinking excited for you!!! Oh Angie!! Congrats and LOVE to you and Jamie and Alyssa!! Where are yall moving?