Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tot School--Feelings

Recently I ran across a fantastic blog that has lots and lots of ideas for home preschooling your tot! I've been working with Alyssa trying to get her ready for school and so this appealed to me a lot! They have units that go over a variety of different subjects. We did our first week in "Tot School" last week. We started with the Feelings unit. We really enjoyed the unit, but Alyssa is a little older at 43 months (I think the children featured in the blog are closer to 36 months) so we did have to modify it a lot. The units focus on pre-writing and Alyssa is already writing, so we substituted the prewriting for ABC writing practice. I just substituted where needed to make it fit our needs but over all I found this website to be a great resource for mom's looking for ideas to educate their little ones at home. They also have some great ideas for family nights and kid friendly recipes and that appeals to us as well! Alyssa learned a little more about sad, happy, mad and afraid and in all really enjoyed it!