Monday, February 7, 2011

Visit with the Putman family

I feel very blessed to have an extended family in Alyssa's first family. Last weekend we had the oppurtunity to visit with her first grandma, half sister, uncles, aunt and cousins while they were here in San Antonio. One of Alyssa's uncles graduated basic training from the Air Force and we were invited to meet up with them to spend the day Saturday. Alyssa enjoyed it so much! She loves seeing her sister and Shyanne loves seeing Alyssa! I got to meet her aunt, DeAnna who I have been chatting with on facebook for quite a while for the first time. It was a lot of fun and the girls were so excited to see one another. The joy that Alyssa gets when she sees her sister make me so glad that we are able to have these wonderful people in our lives. Alyssa's firstmom wasn't able to come out, but I'll be sure to send her the pictures! Here's a few pictures from our visit on the Riverwalk!
Alyssa who isn't a huge fan of having her picture taken refused to participate in this family photo! And sweet Shyanne wouldn't keep her eyes open!! Congrats to Nicholas on graduating basic training!

Alyssa talked all night long about how much fun she had with her sister! I know that my sister means the world to me and I'm so glad that Alyssa and her sister are part of one another's lives even while being raised in seperate homes!


Lauren said...

They look like they really had a good time together. That is fabulous that her and her sister love each other so much and are so close even in separate homes. Too sweet!