Saturday, March 5, 2011

Remembering Bobo....

8 years ago this June my uncle Phillip (BoBo) as we all affectionately called him was shot and killed by a 15 year old while he was at work early one morning cleaning the floors at a Dollar General in Huntsville, AL on Triana Blvd. This was a pretty devastating event for our family. Phillip was a huge part of our family, events focused around him and his antics. He loved us all fiercely and we all loved him equally. Every April my family participates in a Candlelight Ceremony that is put on by the Homicide Support group in Huntsville, AL. They helped my cousins and my aunt a lot after Phillip was killed. I've attended as many as I was able to since I haven't lived at home in a number of year. It's always a really sad time for all of us. Phillip left behind two really wonderful, beautiful girls and they have grown to be beautiful young women. Some days it doesn't seem that it is real that Phillip is gone.

Recently my brother started a facebook group about Phillip for our family. It's just a little place for us to post our thoughts and pictures that we have of Phillip. A place for us to remember him and something for our cousins who were very young when we lost him. I have so many memories of Phillip. I went through some of my old pictures to post in the group and I felt really sad looking at all of them, but I also felt really happy thinking about all the fun times we had as kids with him. Some wounds never heal completely and I'm not sure that I'll ever forgive the boy that took Phillip from us, but I love my uncle and I miss him so much. I wish he could have seen my daughter, he I believe would have been very proud of the woman that I grew to be, the people all of us have grown to be, my siblings, cousins, his daughters, all of us. Here are a few pictures of this remarkable guy that taught us all about good gas humor, basketball, and about love. He taught us a lot about that.....

Phillip and Ashley (his youngest daughter)
Basketball at a BBQ. They were pretty regular weekend events at Lisa and Phillip's while we were growing up.
Me and Bobo. I think I was probably a senior in high school here.