Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Baby "Jelly"

So I have been a bad blogger lately and haven't posted much! It's been a busy time here and I've spent quite a bit of time feeling sorta poorly of late.

Today was our first ultrasound of our sweet new baby! I wish that they would have let Alyssa come but they have a strict no kids policy in ultrasound so she couldn't come. She would have loved seeing the baby move around! It was really neat. I feel sorta sappy because I actually teared up when little "Jelly" started shaking those tiny little fist and waving those little hands. It was so awesome to watch the little critter move around. I love it so much already and it's just a tiny little thing (about 5 1/2 centimeters to be exact!)! It's funny because this made it "real" for all of us. Before it was just a vague idea that made me puke a lot! I'm between 13-14 weeks so that puts baby getting here sometime between Oct 11th and the 18th. So I'll have a summer baby and a fall baby!

Alyssa loves her baby brother or sister and we are so happy that she's come around to the idea! Every night she sings "Jelly" a song and 90% of the time it's Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. She swears it's the baby's favorite song. Go figure huh? She also hugs our baby and talks to it all the time. Imparting that Big Sister wisdom early! It makes me super happy that my darling girl loves this new addition to our family. She's made me cry several times (or it's just hormones!) with her thoughtfulness. She brings toys that she wants to share with the new baby and talks about all the things she gets to help with when it arrives. Although diaper changing is hit or miss because "She'll get poop on her hands." It's such a awesome time in our home and I'm enjoying it so much (other than the morning sickness that last all day!! That I'll be happy to say goodbye too!)


Lauren said...

So sweet Angie! I remember that first ultrasound so well and you are right it does give you such a "real" feeling. And it will just get even more "real" as that precious baby grows and you start feeling him or her kick and squirm. It is so fun. Enjoy your pregnancy! Maybe the sickness part will wear off for ya soon. I never really got sick, but the sluggish/nausea/yucky feelings were gone for me pretty quick after the first trimester. Hope you and baby continue to be healthy!

Clarissa said...

Oh, so wonderful, Angie. That is just so exciting. Seeing the baby that first time definitely makes it more real! We are so happy for you guys!