Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finished baby quilt and new projects!

I am expecting a new nephew in July this year. I made all the bedding for Rylan's crib. I was super pleased with how it turned out. I'm super slow when it comes to sewing, but I am happy with the end result. I enjoy putting the blocks together and seeing how different fabrics come together to make something really beautiful. I think that's why I love quilting so much. You can start with a pile of random scraps and it ends up being something beautiful that keeps you warm for years.

Here is Rylan's quilt. I don't know when I'll get to meet this little guy since he's all the way in Alabama and I'm in Texas, but I'm looking forward to it when the time comes!
Here is the back. Basically I just sewed together strips of leftover fabric from the front to piece the back. I like how it ended up with a reversible look.
And on to the next sewing project:
I'm redoing Alyssa's room and then I'll be making our new baby's bedding! I wanted to do Alyssa's room first so she wouldn't be too jealous that I made the baby's stuff. She long ago requested an all pink room and so I'm hard at work making her room super pink for her! Here is a pile of cut out triangles that will eventually be her pinwheel quilt. I found some really pretty pink polka dot material to use as the sashing and some hot pink to use as the binding. I'm really eager to see how this turns out! She's happy anytime she sees me working on it because she knows "It's for her PINK room!"

Up until now I have hand quilted all my quilts, but due to the limited time that I have until the baby arrives and the huge projects I decided to undertake I made the decision to have her and Baby Jelly's quilts quilted at the long arm quilter. It'll free my time up so that I can get all this done and get everything else I want to get done before we have our new little one here. (Plus it's summer and we'd rather be at the pool than quilting!!)
I bought this fabric at They have such beautiful selections. This particular bundle had lots of roses and since our girl is "The Rose" it seemed appropriate! I'm planning a tutorial of her quilt when it's all finished so look out for that!
Fabric makes me happy :)


Clarissa said...

Your quilt turned out beautifully!