Saturday, June 4, 2011

Announcing Miss Amelia Belle :)

We are super pleased to announce that our Baby Jelly as we have been calling it is a GIRL! We had a fun little gender party for our friends here in Texas to announce the gender of our wee one! I had a cake made that had either pink or blue icing in the center. (A coworkers mother in law made the cake and it was FANTASTIC!) A bunch of our wonderful friends came out to celebrate with us.
Cut cake :)
And this is Amelia Belle! I think she's adorable even if these 3D ultrasounds are a little creepy. She cute and creepy, look just like her papa :) Alyssa was able to go to the ultrasound with us. I thought she was going to be sooooo excited. She wasn't. She just said "yep that's a baby...." and moved on to touching everything in the room and eating all their candy at the receptionist desk!
And here is her tiny tiny foot.
So now we just begin the process of actually getting ready for her arrival! It's only 4 months from now! It will be here before we know it! We have been so blessed by wonderful friends and family members who have been so incredible generous as we get ready for the baby. At times I'm just overwhelmed by our good fortune!