Monday, June 27, 2011

It's hard to believe she's 4!!!

I might not make it through blogging this without bursting into hysterical tears! My little sunshine girl will be 4 years old on Sunday! I have no idea where the time went because it just seems like yesterday she was a big eyed, 5 lb, 6 ounce tiny baby that we took home from the hospital. Here is her birthday blog and some of the reasons that this kid makes my life a lot more exciting than it ever was before!

1. She has an extensive bedtime routine that involves a story, 3 bedtime songs one of which is Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer (yes every single night...), a long talk about how fantastic her day was, a hug, kiss and a secret (which is ALWAYS your name and must include every single member of the household. Yappy poodle and grouchy cats are not exempt) and a reminder not to turn off the light or shut her door.
2. She has the sweetest personality of any kid that I know. She's so sweet that she doesn't even realize when other kids aren't being nice to her. (I do however and it really upsets me) She waves at EVERYONE (even the grouchy old man that lives across the street, who after about 6 months finally started waving back).
3. She likes to be held and carried. She frequently tells us that her "legs don't work" so that we will give in and carry her wherever she wants to go. Thank goodness she only weighs 30 lbs!
4. Her favorite foods are cheese, yogurt, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and watermelon. That's pretty much all she eats too. At least it's good for her....
5. She loves animals. Her favorite animal is a horse. She ask every single day if we will take her to visit them. She also thinks her daddy's getting her a pony for her birthday (don't think that's gonna happen for her)
6. She's hysterical. She says the funniest things. I actually started writing down things that she says and does in a book because I don't want to forget them. She'll also tell all your business to everyone at the most inappropriate times....
7. She thinks her Dad is superman and she wants to be just like him. She tells me several times a day while he's at work how much she loves him. I think it's awesome that she's got such a great father figure in her life.
8. She's extremely gifted mechanically. She can take just about anything apart. (Now she can't put it back together but she can take it apart). She recently took a doorknob off the bathroom. As annoyed as I was I have to admit to being somewhat impressed she was able to do this....
9. She loves her baby sister and she hasn't even arrived yet! She's constantly telling secrets to her 'sissy' in my belly. She also giggles and looks at me while she's whispering. I'm so hopeful she'll have the same relationship with her baby sister as I do with my own.
10. Her favorite color is pink.
11. Even though her favorite color is pink she will ONLY wear blue sundresses. It's been sorta a big thing lately. I'm hoping she'll outgrow this weird phase soon because it's pretty exasperating.
12. She likes to help her mama in the kitchen. She's an expert cookie dough taster as a result!
13. She still hauls her blankie around everywhere she goes. Blankie used to be pink and white now it's sorta peach and grey. If you tell her to leave it in the car she'll insist she needs it because she's cold. Considering it's 100-110 degrees everyday right now and I'm about to die I don't know how this is possible.
14. She loves water. She loves to swim and splash in it. She also likes it pour water from one cup to another cup and make huge messes all over the house. (She's probably doing this right now while I write this...)
15. She will only take showers. Who knows why but this also isn't my favorite portion of the mama show. Mama always ends up wet after washing her up.
16. She's a bed ninja. Meaning that between the hours of 2 am and 3 am she appears in our bedroom and soundlessly climbs in our bed and goes back to sleep. My question is does she never sleep thru the night? Apparently not....
17. She hates having her hair brushed or put up. She cuts it as well so it'll stay short. This has been sort of a trying ordeal....
18. She'll start pre-K in the fall and already claims she's not going. Apparently "it's not good for her."
19. She's super artistic and loves to draw, paint, color and cut paper.
20. If I'm ignoring her when she's talking she's call me by my first name in the same exasperated tone her dad uses when I ignore him :)

That's all that I can come up with but there are about a million reasons that I love this little kiddo! Happy 4th Birthday to my little sweetie!!! May this year be just as exciting as all the others!


Dana M said...

Those are all so cute and funny! She is such a little hoot and she is going to be the best sister! You are going to have so much fun watching them get into trouble together. Great idea writing all her stuff down and then you can tease her when she goes on dates of the stories you will tell on her and she will get so mad at you :0